Chaz Chambliss shared an eye-catching edit on one of his tweets this week.

WATCH: The Chaz Chambliss edit that caught a lot of eyes this week

DawgNation has a different reaction to the term “Chaz” these days. Those that follow Georgia football recruiting closely know all about Chaz Chambliss as a future stalwart on the Bulldog defense.

Chambliss has been featured in a few DawgNation posts after he committed to Georgia earlier this year. The 6-foot-3, 240-pound senior projects to play OLB and to be a very tenacious defender at that.

He’s shared a few edits this year that have been worth paying attention to. But he shared one this week that laid the remaining priority targets for the 2021 class out plain as day for all the world to see.

That live weekly program is embedded below and also pops up in the featured image slot at the top of this page.

It was another eye-catching edit for the Georgia football digital team. It brings to mind the classic “Terminator” movies for the T-1000 cyborg for old school DawgNation fans.

It also calls to mind the new heads-up display interface for the first-person shooter video games that are so popular today.

Chambliss shared an edit which sets out the following priority targets in the top right corner of the HUD.




Check out the Chaz Chambliss below in greater detail. A member of the DawgNation forum created their own edit by enlarging and inverting the image featured in the Chambliss tweet. (DawgNation/Courtesy photo)

The bottom right of that edit also shares the names of the following alpha targets for this class. Scrolling from top left to bottom right those top prospects are:

  • 5-star ILB Smael Mondon, Jr.
  • 5-star S James Williams
  • 4-star OLB Dallas Turner
  • 4-star CB Isaiah Johnson
  • 4-star ILB Xavian Sorey, Jr.

Those names have also been fixtures on the weekly “top targets” list for “Before the Hedges” for the last few months, too.

We spent the first block of this week’s show discussing what we saw out of that edit.

Chambliss doesn’t tweet much, but when he does it is usually worth paying attention to.

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