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UGA narrowly held on to beat Auburn last season. The two teams play Oct. 3.

Auburn has 16 football players out with COVID-related issues

Auburn is having a tough time with COVID-19.

Tigers coach Gus Malzahn revealed to the media that 16 of his players will miss practice this week due to COVID-related issues.

Auburn’s football team had nine new positive cases of COVID – and had to cancel two practices last week, along with Saturday’s scrimmage.

“I think it’s fair to say that I don’t think anyone knew what to really expect,” Malzahn said, per’s Tom Green. “Like I said, you take it week by week. You got to adjust. It’s a learning process. I know it has been for us and our players. We’ll just try to get better each week. We’re going to try to do a better job. Our players are learning, too…. It’s just a learning process. I believe our guys are going to do everything they can to be healthy and keep our team healthy.”

Even though Auburn will start back with practices this week, it could be a couple of weeks before the Tigers return to full strength, per “Each player who tested positive will have to undergo a mandatory 10-day isolation period, followed by a seven-day re-acclimation period, per Auburn’s coronavirus protocols.

“Any person who came in high-contact with a positive case, as determined through the program’s contact tracing, has to undergo a mandatory 14-day quarantine period that may not be tested out of. So, while Auburn will return to the practice field this week, it could be a couple weeks …”

UGA and Auburn are scheduled to play on Oct. 3.

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