Bulldogs still playing coy on quarterback – but for good reason

Senior center Brandon Kublanow made sure not to divulge anything on the subject de jour.

ATHENS — Someone had to try. The season opener is drawing nearer, Georgia hasn’t yet named a quarterback – or even officially whittled it down to two, and fans and media are desperate for information. So when senior center Brandon Kublanow was shuffled in front of the media after Wednesday’s practice, a reporter asked how the quarterback reps were being handled in practice.

“Honestly I have no idea what’s going on with the quarterbacks,” Kublanow said, shaking his head. “I have no idea.”

He doesn’t know which quarterbacks are in there?

“I just listen and hike it,” Kublanow said.

There were grins and some laughs from the media. Kublanow gamely tried to keep a straight face. Another reporter asked if “they” had muzzled the players when it came to the quarterbacks. Kublanow misunderstood and thought the reporter meant the quarterbacks had been muzzled.

“They all sound the same,” Kublanow said.

It’s been like this awhile: Going back to last year’s quarterback competition, players were instructed not to say anything about it, or if they were forced to, just say they were all working hard and doing great. At one point tailback Keith Marshall cut off a quarterback question by saying “we’re not allowed.”

To be fair, it’s entirely believable that there’s not much to say right now about Georgia’s quarterbacks, at least officially. Head coach Kirby Smart did indicate the practice reps would be focused more on two quarterbacks beginning on Tuesday. Smart will get a chance to handle the quarterback updates after Wednesday’s practice.

In the meantime, there’s also reason to believe them when they say the starting job isn’t decided: Gameplanning for North Carolina hasn’t begun. Smart said Monday at the Athens Touchdown Club that they wouldn’t begin gameplanning until Thursday or Friday.

“We have a whole season to prepare for,” Smart said.

So whatever was happening in the quarterback pecking order on Tuesday  – at one point it appeared to be Jacob Eason, then Greyson Lambert, then Brice Ramsey – it could still be for purposes for evaluation, rather than preparation.

“Right now we’re still kinda focusing on ourselves,” Kublanow said. “We’ll start gameplanning pretty soon. But still kind of focusing on Georgia football right now.”


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