Cade Brock: The 2020 UGA recruit you didn’t know you were going to love reading about today

Remember the movie "Stepbrothers" from awhile back? Well, the relationship between Cade Brock (standing) and All-American OT Tate Ratledge feels a little bit like that one, too.

Want to attack every day with the latest UGA football recruiting info? That’s what the Intel brings. This entry is about a pair of lifelong friends, their many fights and why preferred walk-on Cade Brock should help Georgia more than probably than anyone ever thinks. Except for Cade Brock. 

Sedrick Van Pran-Granger can bench press approximately 375 pounds. The nation’s No. 1 center (247Sports Composite) signed with Georgia. He’s maybe repped out about 375 interviews in his time as a recruit. At least.

But maybe not one quite like the conversation he recently had with DawgNation. The subject for this one was Cade Brock.

Cade Brock. He’s in the 2020 class at UGA as a preferred walk-on for the defensive line room. (Cade Brock/Contributed photo)

Brock is a preferred walk-on DL  in the 2020 class out of Darlington School in Rome.

“I quite honestly didn’t even know he was a preferred walk-on in our class until he told me,” Van Pran-Granger said. “I just thought he was another one of the guys.”

Just one of the guys. That’s a spot preferred walk-ons don’t reach with the signees before they enroll at UGA.

Brock has zero stars on the 247Sports Composite. The good folks at 247Sports gave him a pure 2-star rating.

What’s so different about Brock? Well, a lot.

Imagine Joe Pesci from any of his classic “tough guy” roles in mob movies. Ditch the accent. Now super-size him. Broaden those shoulders. A lot. Grant him the strength to bench press 330 pounds.

He can already bench press 225 pounds an impressive 21 times. Brock goes about 5-foot-9 (maybe) on the growth chart and will weigh around 260 pounds. To place this in the right context, he’s about seven inches and 45 pounds smaller than the prototype defensive line recruit at UGA.

If DawgNation labeled him as tough as any member of the 2020 class in Athens, we wouldn’t be wrong.

If we labeled him the 2020 freshman most likely to get into a fight the first week of practice, we might even get the one right, too.

Those traits broadly skim the surface here. He’s the sort who will ask if he can take his shirt off during an interview. He says it in a way that he’s not joking.

When looking up in Sanford Stadium’s recruiting bleachers in the West End zone last fall, he was there for every home game. Mingling. Laughing. Right in the center of it all with his good buddy Tate Ratledge.

Brock belonged. Preferred walk-on? That’s a label for those that try to predict how good of a football player he will be at the next level. Those are sound projection tools based off a young man’s length, size, speed and tape. He was never going to get an SEC scholarship with that size.

Cade Brock is also good friends with Georgia DT commit Nazir Stackhouse, too. They will play together on the defensive line at Georgia. (Jeff Sentell/DawgNation)

The metrics won’t flatter Brock. The stuff he excels at can’t be quantified or distilled on film.

They seem to matter a great deal here.

Van Pran-Granger had a lot to say about Brock. Yet when he was done, he said something that is never said at the end of interviews. Even for a young man like Van Pran-Granger who has certainly been raised right.

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