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The DawgNation guys break down what makes that man in the No. 11 jersey great.

Cover 4 on Georgia football: What Jake Fromm does best is ….

DawgNation has four staffers who cover the Georgia football team from every angle: Beat, live streams, photos, podcasts, recruiting, etc. The “Cover 4” concept is simple: 1) Present a topic; 2) Offer a reasoned response; 3) Share a brisk statement to support the informed opinion. We give Jake Fromm the “Cover 4” look in this feature. 

Happy Game Week! We all made it.

DawgNation returns this week with the “Cover 4” concept which was part of our regular story rotation in 2018. We have four staffers who cover the UGA athletics program on a full-time basis and that means the focus shifts to a timely “Cover 4” look with each of our guys manning the secondary here.

The quick in-and-out game still remains with this feature.

The first “Cover 4” question of the regular season is:

What is Jake Fromm’s best quality? 

These takes are designed to come out quicker than former Bulldog Mecole Hardman Jr. ran the 40 this year at the NFL combine.

Brandon Adams knows what he thinks Jake Fromm does best. It is not sitting on a duck blind or sifting through a tackle box. (Jeff Sentell/DawgNation)

Brandon Adams: Accuracy

The “why” from Adams: “He was ninth in the country yards per attempt and 11th in completion percentage last season. Those numbers set him up for an even bigger junior season in what hopefully will be a more creative game plan.”

Mike Griffith thinks that Jake Fromm is Joe Cool in the heat of the SEC kitchen. (Jeff Sentell/DawgNation)

Mike Griffith: Poise

The “why” from Griffith: “Jake has proven unflappable under pressure, and he’s the same guy after wins as he is after losses. A very confident guy who has played on the biggest stage who performs in a fearless manner.”

Connor Riley thinks that Jake Fromm knows exactly where to place the ball so his guys can gobble up more yards after the catch. (Jeff Sentell/DawgNation)

Connor Riley: Accuracy

The “why” from Riley: “He made big strides at the end of the 2018 season in terms of his ability to place the ball in a place where only his receiver can get it. The touchdown pass to Riley Ridley in the SEC Championship Game is a high-level NFL throw.”

Jake Fromm will receive big checkmarks in any evaluation regarding his football I.Q. and his leadership ability on and off the field. (Jeff Sentell/DawgNation)

Jeff Sentell: Webster’s definition of field general

The “why” here: “I can’t think of many college QBs this decade that combine the ability to think like a coordinator with the amount of big-game experience Fromm has had at the position. He’s also blessed with the ability to get the best out of the other 10 men in the huddle. To top it off, those guys will lay it all on the line for him because he’s a genuine person. There are rare traits which amplify his skill set to make every throw. Lots of guys can spin it. But can they lead a group of men?”