Cover 4: What is the biggest thing UGA football fans have to smile about at midseason?

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Smile big DawgNation. The Bulldogs have never had back-to-back 6-0 seasons before.

DawgNation has four staffers who cover the UGA football team from every angle: Beat, live streams, photos, podcasts, recruiting, etc. The Cover 4 aim is simple: 1) Present a topic; 2) Offer a reasoned response; 3) Share a brisk statement to support the informed opinion. 

Big game this weekend. The talking heads are all pointing to this and that.

Statement Saturdays time. Yet the Cover 4 play call for this edition is to highlight the present. Not what is to be on Saturday.

It seems necessary to echo the big stat coming out of last weekend’s validations with Vanderbilt.

That’s pretty sporty. To say the least.

We promise the topic for today was not simply the chance to get a cheerleader on the DawgNation home page with that. (It was really an effort to get the chance to show off a nice “Hot Rod” snap. I’m just about convinced that DawgNation loves Blankenship more than anything in the program right now. Even UGA X and all those cheerleaders.)


The Cover 4 question at hand: What’s the biggest reason right now for fans to smile about?

These takes are designed to come out even faster than Georgia and LSU fans can fire up those tailgates on Saturday morning.

What is the biggest reason for UGA football fans to smile about right now?

Brandon Adams: D’Andre Swift’s TD catch vs. Vanderbilt

DawgNation Daily liked what he saw from D’Andre Swift on that scoring burst last week against Vanderbilt. (Jeff Sentell/DawgNation)

The why from Adams: The way he ran after hauling in that catch was a glimpse of the guy who put the SEC Championship Game on ice last December, and the guy that UGA will need down the stretch again this year.

Chip Towers: Rodrigo Blankenship

DawgNation’s Chip Towers describes Rodrigo “Hot Rod” Blankenship’s season so far with the use of the term “lethal efficiency.” (Alyssa Pointer/AJC)

The why from Towers Take: The redshirt junior place-kicker is just a joy to watch as he happily goes about his work and does so with lethal efficiency.  

Mike Griffith: Georgia is 6-0 and has not played its best football

DawgNation Cover 4 panelist Mike Griffith says there is a lot more up ahead for UGA football fans to smile about right now. (Jeff Sentell/DawgNation)

The why from On The Beat: The Bulldogs still have young players evolving and getting better each week.

Jeff Sentell: Playing at a high level despite a lot of inexperience

When DawgNation thinks of young UGA football players already performing at a very high level, the name Tyson Campbell has to come to mind. (Jeff Sentell/DawgNation)

Why: This team is very young, but it has not allowed that to morph into sloppy one-score wins like top 5 peers Clemson and Notre Dame have.

The Cover 4 so far

Do you have your own opinion? DawgNation would love to hear your one-sentence why in the comments field below.

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