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Mel Tucker has a few candidates to look to for leadership and big plays this fall. Who will be the eventual defensive MVP?

Cover 4 on UGA football: Who will be the defensive MVP this year?

Good afternoon. A new day means another rep of a UGA football feature called the Cover 4. DawgNation has four staffers who cover the team from every angle: Beat, hybrid roles, live streams, photos, podcasts, recruiting, etc. The Cover 4 aim here is simple: 1) Present a topic; 2) Offer a reasoned response; 3) Share a brisk statement to support the informed opinion. 


Replace? Reload? Remix? Heard about enough of all of that stuff yet? Are you ‘Dawg tired of all the talking and ready for some football on Saturday?

We get it. But there is that small matter of how the Bulldogs will “offset” the loss of NFL first-round and all-time great Bulldog defender Roquan Smith at the heart of the defense this fall.

The Cover 4 offering for today has a few ideas about who will be the “Most Valuable Defender” for 2018.

Get ready. These “MVD” takes will come at you even faster than Mecole Hardman Jr. can post to his social media accounts.

Who will be the Defensive MVP this year?

Brandon Adams says that Jonathan Ledbetter is the new Junkyard Dawg for 2018. (Jeff Sentell/DawgNation)

Brandon Adams: Jonathan Ledbetter

Why: This defense is a bit of an ensemble cast, not sure how much Ledbetter will stand out. However, he can play multiple positions and has been around long enough to be considered a true leader.

Jonathan Ledbetter. Team leader. Big man on the D for the 2018 team. Chip Towers agrees with all of that. (Jeff Sentell/DawgNation)

Chip Towers: Jonathan Ledbetter

Why: The senior defensive end has cross-trained at outside linebacker and the other D-line positions and has improved through competition with Jay Hayes. I expect a big year ahead.

Is it finally time for Georgia senior Natrez Patrick to shine this fall? Mike Griffith concludes that could very well the case in 2018. (Jeff Sentell/DawgNation)

Mike Griffith: Natrez Patrick

Why: At least, Georgia had better hope so. Patrick is a natural leader from his ILB position.

One member of our Cover 4 panel feels J.R. Reed was Georgia’s second most-effective defender last season. (Jeff Sentell/DawgNation)

Jeff Sentell: J.R. Reed

Why: Reed is the only returning veteran “traffic cop” on the back end for Mel Tucker. That’s a good reason. But the perception that he looked like the team’s second-best defensive player last fall is an even better one. 

The Cover 4 so far

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