Kirby Smart says Will Muschamp called out UGA fans for G-Day attendance

Georgia-Kirby Smart-Will Muschamp
Kirby Smart (L) and Will Muschamp (R)

Can Georgia fill Sanford Stadium to capacity again this spring? Former Bulldog Will Muschamp doesn’t believe so.

The South Carolina coach appears to have given Georgia fans a little motivation to get in the stands and prove him wrong after Kirby Smart detailed a recent phone conversation with his former college teammate.

Last spring, which was Smart’s first at the helm, the new head coach and the promise of a glimpse at 5-star QB Jacob Eason and rapper Ludacris successfully turned out 93,000-plus to the spring exhibition. It was such a rousing success that it left many wondering how Kirby could follow that display up in Year 2.

On Wednesday, Smart told 680 The Fan that Muschamp predicted a much smaller number for 2017. Smart says he called out both UGA and its coach during a recent phone conversation.

Here’s a snippet of what Smart said:

“Muschamp called me and said we would not even get (40,000),” Smart said Wednesday on 680 The Fan. “If everybody knows Muschamp at South Carolina, he’s calling me out. I figure we will get that. He is calling the Dog fans out.”

We see what you’re doing here, Kirby. The Georgia coach may be using playful conversation with his buddy as a subtle way to motivate his fan base, but we’re not calling foul.

Two things we know for sure– Will Muschamp and Kirby Smart are good friends, and both former Bulldogs players love to see a good crowd at the G-Day spring game.

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