LSU coach Ed Orgeron recently shared some thoughts on UGA's recruiting tactics, but it now appears LSU is employing similar measures.

DN90: Ed Orgeron criticized UGA recruiting tactics, but now LSU is copying them

Georgia football fans can get a quick update on the latest news involving the Bulldogs each day with DN90. DawgNation’s Brandon Adams provides all the latest UGA happenings on video in about 90 seconds. So follow along as Kirby Smart and the rest of the Bulldogs attempt to lead UGA to a national championship, and get up-to-the-minute UGA recruiting news as well. On this edition of DN90, the discussion focuses on how an LSU commit, four-star quarterback Garrett Nussmeier, organized a gathering of recruits — including five-star UGA targets Korey Foreman and Maason Smith — that is similar to what Tigers coach Ed Orgeron once questioned UGA commits for doing. 

DN90: Ed Orgeron criticized UGA recruiting tactics, but now LSU is copying them

A couple of Georgia commits recently organized a gathering of some of the country’s top recruits in Athens, Ga. The move was considered shrewd by many because it provided an opportunity for prospects to get to know each other and possibly consider playing together for the Bulldogs — a normal facet of the typical recruiting process made more difficult during the 2021 cycle due to the NCAA-mandated dead period caused by the coronavirus.

The meeting of recruits — that included five-star defensive end Korey Foreman and defensive tackle Maason Smith — was assumed to be allowable under NCAA rules because it was organized by the players themselves and not believed to involve any on-campus visit or face-to-face contact with coaches.

However, LSU coach Ed Orgeron wasn’t so sure. Orgeron was critical of the event — and a similar “get together” that took place at Oklahoma.

“We have not done that,” Orgeron told reporters last month. “Obviously, we want to follow the rules. I’m not going to comment on the other stuff. Let’s see how the NCAA handles it. I think it’s pushing the line a little bit, but we’ll see.”

Ironically, what Orgeron once criticized UGA from benefitting from, LSU is now participating in.

Four-star LSU quarterback commit Garrett Nussmeier organized a similar gathering of LSU targets this weekend in Baton Rouge that included at least two of the big names from the Athens meeting — Foreman and Smith.

“I put together this trip to try and get some guys that haven’t seen the campus and some commits that haven’t seen the campus and give them a chance to see what Baton Rouge has to offer,” Nussmeier recently told 247Sports. ”

If Foreman’s reaction is to be judged, the trip seemingly offered plenty of hospitality.

Yet it remains to be seen if the visit to Louisiana for Foreman will halt what has appeared to be momentum for UGA with his recruitment and for Foreman’s good friend, Smith, who hails from Houma, La. — less than a two-hour drive from Baton Rouge.

DawgNation’s recruiting insider Jeff Sentell joined DawgNation Daily Friday to say the Bulldogs’ chances with both Foreman and Smith “continue to go up.”

It remains to be seen whether UGA’s current momentum with those recruitments will be enough to win their signatures on National Signing Day, but one thing that is certain is that LSU will try to pull out every stop to prevent that from happening — including taking a page from the Bulldogs’ playbook if necessary.

For more on what Jeff said about Foreman and Smith, check out the latest edition of DN90, linked above.