DN90: Paul Finebaum says Jake Fromm superior to Tua Tagovailoa, Trevor Lawrence in key area

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Georgia quarterback Jake Fromm is unquestionably one of the top players at his position in the country. However, there is some debate about how he compares to others in that same category — particularly Alabama’s Tua Tagovailoa and Clemson’s Trevor Lawrence, the signal callers who’ve led their teams to the last two national championships.

The SEC Network’s Paul Finebaum says there’s at least one way in which Fromm surpasses Tagovailoa and Lawrence.

That’s the subject of this edition of DN90.

Finebaum also addresses the dominant narrative surrounding UGA coach Kirby Smart — who fielded lots of questions on Tuesday about when the Bulldogs are going to get over the hump and accomplish what Tagovailoa and Lawrence’s teams have recently done. Finebaum seemingly thinks some of the pressure attached to Smart is overstated.

It’s an interesting perspective from Finebaum — a man whose finger is on the pulse of SEC fans’ feelings as much as anyone — and a possible reminder to UGA fans that one of the leading tastemakers around the conference thinks the so-called championship window for Georgia will remain open long beyond 2019, whether UGA wins that elusive national championship this season or not.

The sentiment from Finebaum — even if true — likely won’t do much to cure the restlessness of fans though. It also won’t slow down the Bulldogs players from their relentless pursuit to “do more” this season.

Clearly there’s an appetite from UGA — including the players who spoke at SEC Media Days — to finish on a better note than last season. There’s also an unmistakable sense of unfinished business in their words.

“It’s all about outworking your opponent, and becoming better,” UGA safety JR Reed said Tuesday. “What [we] did last year is not enough, so let’s do more.”

After all, while Smart will have many more opportunities to win big games in the years to come, this could be the last chance for UGA’s veteran players to make their mark before their college careers are done.

Either way, it seems Finebaum expects UGA to be a major part of the SEC storyline in 2019.


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