It's been an offseason filled with hype for UGA quarterbacks.

DN90: It might be time to take a timeout on Georgia QB hype

Georgia football fans can get a quick update on the latest news involving the Bulldogs each day with DN90. DawgNation’s Brandon Adams provides all the latest UGA happenings on video in about 90 seconds. So follow along as Kirby Smart and the rest of the Bulldogs attempt to lead UGA to a national championship, and get up-to-the-minute UGA recruiting news as well. On this edition of DN90, the discussion focuses on the need to possibly dial down the hype around Georgia quarterbacks after an offseason’s worth of praise for Jamie Neman before he decided to opt out that’s now morphed into hype for the new presumed starter, former USC transfer JT Daniels.

DN90: It might be time to take a timeout on Georgia QB hype

I am going to write something most of you already know. I am a fan and I want Georgia to win every game it plays. Therefore, any good news for a Bulldogs player will be received well by me, and most of you too.

In other words, I’m not against hearing positive things about UGA players, but it’s possible to hear a little too much.

It’s kind of like ice cream. I’d love to eat a bowl of it, but if I tried to eat a bucket full of it I’d probably get sick. Similarly, I’m on the verge of getting sick of hearing praise for UGA’s quarterbacks.

This offseason was loaded with it. Wake Forest grad transfer Jamie Newman arrived at UGA and was quickly touted as a Heisman contender and eventual first-round pick. It was suggested he could be the SEC’s next Joe Burrow, but it turned out he was UGA’s next Glen Mason.

But the hype hasn’t subsided since Newman’s decision to opt out. It’s just been transferred to the new presumed starter, former USC transfer quarterback JT Daniels.

Did you see that a CBS Sports mock draft this week placed Daniels in the first round of next year’s NFL draft?

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not an unreasonable prediction for a former five-star quarterback, and it would — obviously — be great for UGA fans to see Daniels enjoy that kind of success with the Bulldogs. But would it be asking too much to let him take one snap, or even become medically cleared to play, before the internet starts trying to make him the next Tom Brady?

At a certain point, this runaway train of hype is unfair to Daniels, and Newman before him and last year’s starter, Jake Fromm, before that.

It’s, of course, part of the job at a high-profile program like UGA to deal with intense scrutiny, but no one would suffer if all of this noise was dialed down a little bit.

For more on what’s being said about Daniels, and what was once said about Newman, check out the latest edition of DN90, linked above.