Eli Manning was almost named after Herschel Walker

Eli Manning or Herschel Walker Manning?

According the father of the NFL quarterback this week, the latter name was under serious consideration.

Archie Manning, who played quarterback in the NFL and at Ole Miss just like his youngest son, was a guest on the ESPN’s SEC Network during this week’s media days, along with Walker, the UGA legend. He shared a funny story:

While playing with the NFL’s Saints, the elder Manning took his two older sons, Cooper and Peyton Manning, to the 1980 Sugar Bowl, while his wife was pregnant with their third son. Of course, Walker helped lead UGA to a win over Notre Dame for the national championship.

Like everyone else, the Manning family was blown away by the sheer talent of Walker.

“We asked the other two boys what we wanted to name this baby coming along — Cooper said ‘I think we should name him Herschel Walker Manning,’” Archie recalled with a laugh.

At that moment of the story, Walker, who was also on the ESPN set, interrupted to say with a smile, “I think you should change it (his name) today.”

Eli Nelson Manning was born two days after UGA’s Sugar Bowl win.

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