The Georgia Bulldogs feel like they have some pretty good options for succeeding Lamont Gaillard at center, starting with rising sophomores Jamaree Salyer (69) and Trey Hill (55) (Jeff Sentell/DawgNation)

SEC Network analyst Chris Doering shares ‘what Georgia desperately needs to find out’

ATHENS — ESPN analyst Chris Doering doesn’t allow his roots as a Florida All-American to get in the way of his analysis. That much was evident in the Ingles On The Beat Show on Tuesday afternoon.

Doering called it “a joke” that Georgia was not listed among the Top 10 RBU schools released again last week, and reminded everyone that his 2019 preseason choice for the Heisman Trophy was D’Andre Swift.

“Every year you look at Georgia’s depth chart, I mean not only is there a superstar, but there’s a number of guys behind that superstar that were top-rated 5-star recruits as well,” Doering said. “So I think that was probably a glaring omission. They certainly deserved to be on the list, if not high on that list.

“I don’t know how they do it. Even before Kirby, they’ve always been able to recruit running backs and have a lot of success with the production on the field from those guys.”

Doering confessed to being a big believer in Jake Fromm, as well. The former Florida All-American reflected on how he found himself on the Georgia sidelines during the Rose Bowl against Oklahoma pulling for the Bulldogs.

“Watching him bring his team back that drive he put together to send the game to overtime, he’s a guy that has that “It” factor,” Doering said. “He has the leadership that elevates the play of the guys around him. That’s not something you teach, it’s something that’s innate, that’s born. That’s a God-given talent. People that have that, have the ability to do that at the next level as well.”

Doering, however, has his concerns about the upcoming season for Georgia. He pointed out valid personnel issues that could be even more challenging now that the coronavirus has put offseason activities on hold.

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“It’s a similar situation to last year: Who are your proven pass catchers? Who are those guys?” Doering said. “And again, you’re not having the benefit of developing chemistry between pass catchers and quarterbacks this time of year. Not only the spring, but the offseason is as time when quarterbacks are getting guys together in their own free time.

“It’s where you are determining not only who are the guys that can play, but who are the leaders on this team? Who are the guys that are going to the that leadership role? I think that’s what Georgia desperately needs to find out, particularly on the offensive side.”

Doering, whose 31 career TD receptions still top the SEC’s all-time list, also took questions from the Facebook Live audience, sharing his perceptions of Dan Mullen and the Gators’ team for this season.

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