Friday Five: Georgia-North Carolina predictions

The season finally begins for Terry Godwin (5) and Georgia.

After all that’s happened, there’s not much left to do except play the game. When we meet next, it will be at the Georgia Dome. In the meantime, a new feature here: Five predictions on the eve of the game.

1. Who are Georgia’s starters?

The best guess:

Offense QB: Greyson Lambert TB: Nick Chubb TE: Jeb Blazevich WR: Terry Godwin WR: Isaiah McKenzie WR: Michael Chigbu LT: Tyler Catalina LG: Isaiah Wynn C: Brandon Kublanow RG: Lamont Gaillard RT: Greg Pyke

Defense DL: Trent Thompson DL: DaQuan Hawkins-Muckle OLB/DE: Davin Bellamy ILB: Roquan Smith ILB: Natrez Patrick OLB: Lorenzo Carter CB: Malkom Parrish CB: Juwuan Briscoe NB: Rico McGraw FS: Dominick Sanders SS: Quincy Mauger

Special teams PK: William Ham KOS: Rodrigo Blankenship P: Marshall Long LS: Trent Frix Holder: Jacob Eason

2. Does Sony Michel play?

No. (But that’s a hunch.)

3. Does Jacob Eason play, and how much?

Yes. Three-to-four series. First action in the second quarter.

4. Which five Georgia players have breakout performances?

Trent Thompson. Lorenzo Carter. Isaiah McKenzie. Elijah Holyfield. Roquan Smith.

5. Who wins?

Georgia, by 7-to-10 points.



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