It’ll be hard to top Georgia’s 2016 spring game, given that 93,000 people and Ludacris showed up for Kirby Smart’s first G-day game.

And if Georgia is going to equal or top that effort, fans will want to go ahead and circle April 22, 2017 on their calendars. The University of Georgia announced that 2017 G-day game will take place on Saturday April 22,  two weeks after the Masters take place, and a week after Easter.

The 2016 version had a big draw for a number of reasons. It was Kirby Smart’s first G-day, and the first year head coach began pumping up the event, also known as 93 K day,  as soon as he arrived at Georgia. There was the debut of Jacob Eason, who had a strong first showing in Sanford Stadium. 

And of course there was Ludacris, whose appearance created headlines for some of the requests he made for his appearance. Afterwards, it came out that Smart was not thrilled with the handling of the Ludacris situation.

Kickoff for the event has not been determined yet.