WATCH: Georgia’s airplane to Los Angeles was full of amazing features

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Georgia players enjoyed an amazing airplane during their trip to Los Angeles on Tuesday.

Georgia players flew to the West Coast in style.

On Tuesday, the Bulldogs made their journey from Atlanta to Los Angeles to begin on-site preparations for the big Rose Bowl matchup against Oklahoma next Monday. The giant Delta Air Lines Boeing 747 that the group flew in carried the last two national champions, and thanks to Georgia’s Twitter account, we were able to get a glimpse of what the team experienced during the flight.

Give the clip below a glance, and try not to think about it next time you’re stick in a middle seat while riding in coach. The players had a little more than their choice of soda and some peanuts at their disposal.

Hey, only the best for the SEC champions. Georgia players should have been super comfortable during their trek west.

Try to imagine what the flight back to the Peach State will be like if the Bulldogs beat the Sooners to earn a berth in the National Championship Game against the winner of the Sugar Bowl between Alabama and Clemson. That will be some kind of party in the sky.

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