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(Curtis Compton/AJC)
Ahkil Crumpton (16) took advantage of this stumble by Georgia Tech defensive back Corey Griffin and turn a short catch into a 78-yard touchdown, the Bulldogs longest of the regular season.

Georgia Bulldogs are taking advantage of their Philly connection

Chip Towers

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Transfers from Cali looking to make impact

There’s a lot of intrigue surrounding Georgia’s receivers, a certain transfer from California especially. But there’s another transfer from California besides Demetris Robertson in the Bulldogs’ receiver corps, and he ought to be on fans’ minds as well.

Ahkil Crumpton is definitely going to have a role in Georgia’s offense this season, regardless of what happens with Robertson’s eligibility appeal. And it might be a significant one.

Crumpton went through all that transfer stuff last summer, showing up on the UGA campus from L.A. Valley College right before the 2017 preseason camp began. A year later, Crumpton understandably feels like he has a much better grasp on how everything works.

“I’m just much more relaxed, I understand the playbook,” said Crumpton, now a senior. “I’m just gonna try to go out there and compete, make plays and help my brothers come along with me.”

It’s early yet, but one can definitely see a difference in the way Crumpton is playing. Just a week into preseason camp, the 5-foot-9, 175-pound speedster has made several head-turning, catch-and-runs.

A year ago — when he arrived literally one day before preseason practices began — Crumpton admits to feeling lost and overwhelmed at times.

“I really didn’t know too much,” he said. “I was just catching up on the go. I mean, it was stressful, but I got through it.”

It took a minute, but Crumpton eventually got going last season. Physically identical to former Bulldog Isaiah McKenzie and wearing the same No. 16 jersey, Crumpton finally began to play like him at the end of the year. Against Georgia Tech in the final regular-season game, Crumpton hauled in a pass from Jake Fromm on deep out pattern and turned it into a 78-yard touchdown.

“It was a good feeling,” Crumpton said, “moreso because … we wanted to beat them.”

It was the only score of the season for Crumpton, who’d finish with five catches for 96 yards on the year. But that paled in comparison to what he’d done at LACC, where he once 253 yards and two TDs in a single game.

A kick returner as well, the Bulldogs believe the real Crumpton can be found somewhere between his 121 all-purpose yards last year and the 1,004 and 6 TDs he had his last season in junior college. Perhaps as a sign of coming into his own, Crumpton no longer wears the No. 16 jersey McKenzie made famous. He has switched to 25.

No. 16 now belongs to that other transfer from Cali. We’ll have to wait and see how he turns out.

As for Crumpton, everything is moving at a different speed now.

“When you train at anything, everything needs to slow down and make sense,” Crumpton said. “Going into (last) season, I was getting acclimated to playing at this level and to the speed of it. By week 7 I kind of caught on and things started slowing down and I started to understand the game more.”

The Philly Connection …

There are at least two players on Georgia’s team who will vouch for Crumpton. He’s originally from Philadelphia, and while D’Andre Swift and Mark Webb each went to different schools in the City of Brotherly Love, all three of them played together on the same 7-on-7 team.

Philadelphia natives D’Andre Swift (L) and Ahkil Crumpton celebrate Crumpton’s 78-yard touchdown catch and run, which gave the Bulldogs a 38-7 lead over Georgia Tech last November. (Curtis Compton/AJC)

Philly Finest.

That’s the name of the 7-on-7 team. As one might suspect, it is a powerhouse program.

Crumpton, Swift and Webb also trained together in the summers and offseasons. So while coach Kirby Smart gets credited for landing significant transfers seemingly before every season, it was actually Swift and Webb who brokered the idea of Crumpton coming to UGA.

“I spoke to them before I actually came,” Crumpton said. “We all grew up together.”

Interestingly, all three of the Philly Finest could end up playing significant roles for the Bulldogs in 2018. Swift in expected to start at running back, Webb is currently leading the competition for one of Georgia’s cornerback spots and Crumpton looks to be at least in the Bulldogs’ six-player receiver rotation. He also returns punts and kickoffs.

Crumpton is happy doing whatever he can to help the Bulldogs win. But he’s hopeful to play a bigger role in Georgia’s offense.

“(Jim) Chaney’s a scientist with [the offense],” Crumpton said. “He’s experimenting with stuff and trying stuff out. We’ll see how it works.”

Coaches coming of age

They say college coaching will put some age on you, so the folks at RedditCFB decided to go ahead and do it.

The quirky site used some photoshop wizardry to add some years to the faces and bodies of the some of the country’s most famous college coaches. Being one of those, the likeness middle-aged Kirby Smart was included in the bunch.

Actually old Coach Smart doesn’t look too bad.

‘Principal Richt’

RedditCFB spread the aging around, producing likenesses of Michigan’s Jim Harbaugh, Clemson’s Dabo Swinney, Oklahoma’s Lincoln Riley and Miamis Mark Richt, among many others.

Richt’s is hilarious, his likeness bringing forth visions of “Principal Richt.”

Just for kicks, they did Johnny Manziel and Tim Tebow, too.

This  feature actually goes back a while, first appearing back in early July and then becoming quite the meme online since then. But I hadn’t seen it so I figured there were at least a few of DawgNation’s finest who hadn’t seen it yet either.

Sparing no expense

Kudos to Athens Banner-Herald sports reporter Marc Weiszer for poring through pages and pages of line-item expenses and producing a coherent report on how much money Georgia spent on its two games in the College Football Playoff this past season. For the record, Weiszer reports that number to be more than $6.5 million.

Of course, Georgia took in some money on that deal as well. It got at least $4.88 million from the bowls and at least a few more bucks via the SEC bowl revenue sharing agreement. But it’s likely that the Bulldogs lost money on the whole proposition, even without including all the raises and bonuses that came as a result of the postseason success.

That’s not unusual to lose money on bowl games, by the way, especially when they’re viewed as a reward for a successful season, as this one was. Between the trip to Pasadena for the Rose Bowl and to Atlanta for the CFP championship game, the Bulldogs spent more than $1.18 million on airfare, $1.41 million on hotel rooms and hundreds of thousands on daily per diems and restaurant visits. Georgia even hosted a $34,000 dinner for Magill Club donors at the swank Oue Skyspace restaurant in L.A.

I actually have been holding the same documents, released by UGA late last week as part of an open-records request made more than 90 days ago. But I hadn’t yet found time to go through the 25 pages of data and ask all the resident questions about the unspecified line items.

So great work, Weiszer! I think I’ll be moving on now.

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Nick Chubb’s NFL debut …

Opinions about Nick Chubb’s NFL debut were all over the place Thursday night. Georgia’s second-leading rusher of all-time got his first touches with the Cleveland Browns in an exhibition game against the New York Giants and, to sum it up, he had nowhere to run. Chubb finished with 11 yards on 15 carries and had one 12-yard reception.

Twitter was abuzz during and after the game with commentary, including a lot of negative remarks among Browns fans, who already have labeled Chubb another franchise bust. But then others came to Chubb’s defense, showing slow-motion video clips of the defensive-player tidal wave Chubb was facing every time he was handed the football.

Here’s Chubb’s nice catch and run on a little swing pass. Maybe they should’ve thrown to him more.

Finally …

Here’s the latest of Georgia’s daily hype video releases: