Georgia is 4-2 at this point in the season.

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On Tuesday night, Georgia coach Kirby Smart made it clear that Georgia very much wanted to get back onto the field after his program lost 44-28 to Florida.

“We need a game. We want to play,” Smart said. “If we are given the opportunity to do that, then we will. If we don’t then we have to work to get better. We get to go against each other too. We have a pretty good defense and a pretty good offense to go against each other and compete as well. So, we would love to do that.”

Unfortunately, the Bulldogs won’t be able to do so this weekend. The Georgia-Missouri game has been postponed due to issues with COVID-19 at Missouri. And it’s not certain when the Bulldogs might return to play as their next scheduled opponent, Mississippi State, is also dealing with COVID-19 issues.

The loss to Florida left many wondering what Georgia does next. Playing in the SEC championship game seems unlikely at this point, as Florida would have to drop two of its final five games for Georgia to be in that position.

Do the Bulldogs start looking ahead to 2021? Does Georgia see what it has in JT Daniels or Carson Beck at the quarterback position? Will we see more young players on the field going forward?

The DawgNation team of Jeff Sentell, Mike Griffith, Connor Riley and Brandon Adams discuss all of that and more in this week’s Cover 4 Live.

Among the other topics discussed:

  • What does the future of the quarterback position look like?
  • What does the loss to Florida mean for Georgia’s recruiting efforts?
  • What positions does Georgia need to address in the 2021 recruiting cycle?
  • What are some of the best highlights for Georgia this season?

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