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Georgia football, basketball violations led to recruiting restrictions

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Georgia football and basketball coaches found themselves in the doghouse earlier this spring after Level 3 (secondary) violations led to recruiting restrictions.

ATHENS — The Georgia football and men’s basketball staffs committed impermissible contact violations during the spring semester that led to recruiting restrictions of more than one week in each sport.

A UGA football coach “impermissibly made more than one phone call during a week to a prospect outside of a contact period,” per a University of Georgia Level 3 & 4 violation summary.

The football Level 3 violation was dated Feb 20. It resulted in the coaching staff member being “prohibited from making or receiving calls, as well as texting recruits for 11 days.”

Further, the UGA report stated, “all (football) staff members …. were prohibited from calling prospects for a period of one week.”

The men’s basketball Level 3 violation was dated April 28. It involved an assistant coach making impermissible contact with a prospect on social media prior to the prospect’s commitment to UGA.

Georgia self-imposed a restriction on the assistant coach that prohibited him “from sending written and electronic communication to any unsigned” prospect for 14 days.

The entire men’s basketball staff was “prohibited from sending recruiting correspondence (written/electronic) to any prospective student-athlete for one (1) week,” per the UGA violation summary.

The NCAA defines Level 3 (lll) violations as: “Violations that are isolated or limited in nature; provide no more than a minimal recruiting, competitive or other advantage; and do not include more than a minimal impermissible benefit.”

The women’s soccer team was reported for two Level 3 violations. A staff member posted pictures of unsigned prospects taking part in a UGA sports camp (Feb 6).

Per the report, Georgia was prohibited from making “telephone contact, sending recruiting materials or sending permissible electronic transmissions to the prospects shown in the photographs for 15 days.”

The second soccer violation was exceeding countable activity by 30 minutes (April 13.)

The penalty was to reduce countable activity by an hour another week.

The Georgia men’s golf team also had a Level 3 violation occur when a coach impermissibly provided the parent of a current student-athlete two tickets to a home men’s basketball game.

The student-athlete repaid the value of the tickets to a charity.


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