Georgia football: Celebrating Festivus with Kirby Smart and the team

Georgia football-Kirby Smart
Georgia coach Kirby Smart

Welcome to your one-stop shop for all the relevant UGA football news and takes every Monday through Friday. In today’s edition, fill-in writer Connor Riley breaks down how Georgia football would celebrate Festivus. But first another classic holiday song. And may we be the second to wish you happy holidays, because Chris Berman was first.

For those who don’t know, Festivus is one of the greatest holidays in the television universe. On the iconic television show Seinfeld, George’s father invents a holiday that is an alternative to Christmas that is made up of two parts, the airing of grievances and the feats of strength. To get a better understanding of the holiday, watch the video below.

So, in today’s Good Day, UGA, which falls on the day Festivus is supposed to be celebrated, we’re going to take the two parts of Festivus and apply them to the Georgia football team.

The airing of grievances

This section is pretty self-explanatory, but in here we’re listing all the problems Georgia football had this year.

The offensive line play: In one sentence, it was not a good year for the offensive line or offensive line coach Sam Pittman. Nick Chubb especially suffered, as his yards per carry dropped from 7.38 coming into the year to 4.77 this season.

The play-calling: Another Georgia tradition, but the play-calling was a bit predictable, especially in the Florida game.

The end of the Georgia Tech game: No more words on this subject, it was bad.

The handling of Nick Chubb in the Tennessee game: First, there were reports that he was out. Then he came in for one play. I really hope this wasn’t done to stick it to a media member, because that seems very childish.

The fourth down play call against Vanderbilt: I know we touched on the play-calling earlier, but this one deserves its own mention. In a game Georgia dominated, the Bulldogs gave the ball to Isaiah McKenzie on fourth down instead of just handing the ball to Chubb.

Got any more grievances with the Georgia football team? Let us know in the comment section. I’m sure you’ve all had a lot of problems with the Georgia football team.

The feats of strength

And now for the feats of strength, where we will highlight the things the Georgia football team did well. It’s a departure from the regular Festivus tradition, but I am not going to wrestle anyone on the Georgia football team because I will most likely lose.

The defensive performance against Auburn: It seems like the Bulldogs shut down Auburn every season, but the Georgia defense held Auburn without a first down in the second half and scored the team’s only touchdown that day.

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