WATCH: D’Andre Swift, Isaiah Wilson discuss what makes Georgia football special

This figures to be a huge week for both D’Andre Swift and Isaiah Wilson, as each Georgia great is going to hear their name called during the 2020 NFL Draft.

Swift and Wilson have both been mentioned as players who could potentially go in the first round of the 2020 NFL Draft. Many analysts see Swift as the top running back in the class, while Wilson is seen as a player with huge upside.

In speaking with DawgNation, Swift explained what will make Wilson a great player at the next level.

“I remember when Zay came in as a freshman, had to lose weight, and he was working. That’s probably one of the hardest working people I’ve seen,” Swift said. “Just for him to move the way he moves and how he carries his weight, he’s a great athlete.

“Whatever team gets him is going to love him to death and they’re going to get a great player and a great leader.”

Wilson was more straightforward in his praise of Swift.

“You’re getting the best back in the draft,” Wilson said. “You’re gonna get someone who can fight tooth and nail until their body quits on you. He’s going to fight to the end to win the game.”

Among other topics discussed with DawgNation’s Jeff Sentell and Brandon Adams, the two each shared their favorite memory from their times of representing the University of Georgia.

“I didn’t know you weren’t supposed to not touch the hedges unless you were a senior,” Wilson said. “Well, I laid down in them and I was just with the fans and enjoying everyone’s last time in Athens for the season. I just felt like I was home at that point. It was a very special moment for me personally.”

Swift brought it back to an iconic game from his first campaign in Athens.

“Freshman year, the Notre Dame game when we played them away. That was crazy,” Swift said. “That’s when Rodrigo got his scholarship, I remember I had a big jet sweep run. Sony scored the next play. That play helped springboard my confidence.

“And then just seeing everyone be so happy for Rod. That’s the brotherhood.”

For the full interview with Wilson and Swift, see the video below.

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