Georgia fans should savor laughable jealousy from rival SEC fan bases

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Georgia fans have had many things to cheer about lately.

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Georgia fans should savor laughable jealousy from rival SEC fan bases

Savor the sweet sights of jealousy.

A quick scroll through DawgNation’s forum is good for a few chuckles at the expense of Georgia rivals. After Kirby Smart’s program pulled off a ridiculous July on the recruiting trail with major headlines galore, multiple opposing SEC fans took notice.

And they’re not cracking bubbly for the Bulldogs.

Boo freakin’ hoo.

Yes, this is hilarious. If you can’t beat someone, the two-step program for an emotional pick-me-up in the digital age goes something like this: bawl like an entitled toddler then act like a tough guy with a keyboard.

Here’s a pair of headlines from the forum that should provide a laugh track to keep us entertained throughout August:

Gators are freaking out and life is good!

Now Auburn says we are cheating

The deeper story here is that opposing SEC fans feel threatened by what Smart is building in Athens. There’s little their respective programs can do to stop Georgia’s momentum. That fact should delight anyone whose closet overflows with Dawgs gear.

I wrote Tuesday that Smart and the talent he’s collecting are too good to allow added pressure that will come with Georgia’s recent recruiting victories to stunt the program’s growth. Clearly, Bulldogs fans and observers aren’t the only ones who understand this. The freak outs by Gators fans and Tigers fans are a natural reaction after Georgia’s coaching staff flexed its muscle with recent marquee commitments, including pledges from 5-star running back John Emery Jr. and former 5-star wide receiver Demetris Robertson.

You bet Florida fans and Auburn fans would love to trade places with Georgia fans right now.

Being a fan of a hot team includes so many perks. Soaking in the tears of threatened rival fans happens to be one of the most satisfying.

Looking beyond Andrew Booth

Georgia missed on 5-star cornerback Andrew Booth, but that’s OK.

The talented prospect committed to Clemson on Monday. Still, Georgia has plenty of other options because it has a strong story to sell.

On Tuesday during DawgNation Daily Live, Brandon Adams discussed other targets in sight for the Bulldogs, including 4-star cornerback Tyrique Stevenson. You can’t win them all, and misses such as the one experienced with Booth will happen.

Still, I like Georgia’s chances to make this Booth miss seem like a small blip. Securing Stevenson, the nation’s No. 9 cornerback for the 2019 class, would be a fine victory if it occurs.

As always, follow DawgNation and Jeff Sentell for the latest on Stevenson and other top Georgia targets.

Georgia receives anonymous praise from SEC coach

Here are interesting anonymous comments from an SEC coach about Georgia.

Earlier this week, Athlon Sports published a piece featuring veiled talk from SEC coaches about each team from the conference. There are multiple things to like in the section about the Bulldogs, but one quote about how Georgia players’ bodies changed from 2016 to 2017 caught my eye.

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