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Georgia coach Kirby Smart (right) should take steps to make sure quarterback Jake Fromm doesn't place himself in a tough situation.

Georgia coach Kirby Smart should take steps to make sure Jake Fromm doesn’t injure himself

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Kirby Smart should take steps to make sure Jake Fromm doesn’t injure himself

Jake Fromm has danced with potential disaster twice in recent months.

Georgia coach Kirby Smart should guarantee another water mishap doesn’t wash away the Bulldogs’ season.

Sound harsh? Perhaps. But after word spread Wednesday that Georgia’s quarterback sustained an injury to his non-throwing hand while boating on Lake Burton, it’s time for Smart to offer Fromm a gentle reminder that so much rides on the player’s performance this fall.

Enough H2O. The only “O” Smart should want associated with Fromm is the letter being used to describe the amount of losses suffered by the Bulldogs with the quarterback this season.

Look, I’d have a different stance if this were an isolated incident. But in May, Fromm shared that he had a bizarre encounter with a fishing lure. Fortunately, both incidents were minor. Fortunately, both incidents will be forgotten if Fromm stays healthy and leads Georgia to big results.

But why dance on the fine line between good, clean fun and a frantic change of plans for the Bulldogs’ season? Fromm was fortunate twice. There’s no guarantee that a third crazy accident would go as well.

All this seems so avoidable. Yes, I understand Fromm has a right to enjoy himself. He shouldn’t be locked in a room with a padded wall until the season opener against Austin Peay on Sept. 1. He deserves to live the existence he desires, as long as he doesn’t place himself and his team in a precarious situation.

But Smart should step in and drain all thoughts from Fromm about participating in water adventures that would jeopardize the player’s health. Thankfully, Georgia isn’t concerned about a Baker Mayfield-like arrest. Thankfully, Georgia isn’t dealing with a Johnny Manziel-like headache.

However, that doesn’t mean Smart should allow Fromm to tempt fate with more more water weirdness.

In Fromm’s case, he should do everything he can to make sure H2O doesn’t become H2O-no.

David Pollack agrees with Oklahoma coach Lincoln Riley

Hit the pause button, David Pollack.

Recently, the former Georgia great came out on Twitter and agreed with Oklahoma coach Lincoln Riley that Georgia wouldn’t own a top-5 defense in the country it if played in the pillow fight known as the Big 12. Wait, what? My stance on this topic has been clear, so I’ll agree to disagree with Pollack.

In case you missed it, SEC Country Live played Riley’s full quote Thursday about the topic. College football coaches don’t do much messaging without a larger goal in mind. So it’s fair to guess Riley was making a pitch of sorts to recruits that his brand of football in the Big 12 is more appealing than Georgia’s style.

OK, whatever.

Enjoy that sales pitch, Riley. But Georgia will savor memories of a Rose Bowl victory.

Riley’s comments are good early July fodder during an otherwise sleepy time on college football’s calendar. But he and Pollack couldn’t be more wrong.

Georgia offensive lineman Ben Cleveland reportedly fine after accident

Another notable Georgia player avoided a potentially scary situation.

On Thursday, UGASports.com’s Radi Nabulsi reported that Bulldogs offensive lineman Ben Cleveland is OK after the player was involved in a minor truck accident a week ago. As we learned with Fromm’s injury, it’s that time of year when unexpected headlines can pop up about players’ off-field experiences. Sometimes as a fan, you can only hope for the best until the season arrives.

Luckily for Georgia, the situation involving Cleveland doesn’t appear to be serious. Here’s hoping the best for him.

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