Georgia football self-reports two minor violations involving hoodie and bump

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Georgia football has reported two Level lll violations since the start of the new year.

ATHENS — Georgia football has reported two Level lll violations since the start of the year, according to the school’s updated summary through March 31, 2020. Both violations occurred last football season.

The newly reported violations brings the list to five since January of 2019.

The NCAA website describes “Level lll” violations as a “breach of conduct.” Level IV are classified as “Incidental issues.”

All of the violations listed below were classified as Level lll, which according to the NCAA are:

“Violations that are isolated or limited in nature; provide no more than a minimal recruiting, competitive or other advantage; and do not include more than a minimal impermissible benefit. “

Hoodie violation

This football violation is dated Oct. 25 and involved a recruit getting a hooded sweatshirt out of a current player’s room during a recruiting visit. It falls under the “Impermissible Recruiting Inducement” NCAA Bylaw.

UGA provided rules clarification to the player whose hooded sweatshirt was worn, and the recruit repaid the value of the hooded sweatshirt to a charity.

Bump violation

This football violation is dated Oct. 30, and it occurred when a coaching staff member inadvertently made impermissible contact with two junior prospects at their high school, per the report. The prospects approached the coaching staff member from the school’s lobby and engaged in “limited dialogue,” per the report.

The coaching staff member was subsequently pulled from off-campus recruit duties for 15 calendar days after the violation was determined. The institution also prohibited in-person contact with the prospects involved for 30 days, and permissible visits to the prospects were reduced by two.

The gymnastics team also self-reported two secondary violations.

Suite access

A gymnastics team member was reported for an “Impermissible Benefit” when she accessed a field suite with a former student-athlete during the first half of a home football game, per the report.

As a result, the gymnast paid back the value of the suite access and was provided “rules education”

Impermissible meals

The report states “a representative of athletics interest” bought three women’s gymnastics athletes meals at a restaurant. The meals cost less than $25 each.

The representative is now prohibited from 1) accessing the UGA gymnastics locker room without a staff member, 2) being in the gymnastics competition area without a staff escort, and, 3) making contact with members of the gymnastics team outside of athletic department functions without an institutional staff member present.

There were three other self-reported violations involving other sports.

Softball meal money

An “institutional staff member” impermissibly provided players with $15 of what the report classifies as post-travel “meal money” after the team arrived back from a team-building function. Rules stipulate meal money is only permissible, following travel to a competitive event.

Horsing around

This women’s equestrian violation is a result of an institutional staff member posting a social media message that involved a coach attending a non-institutional athletics event that involved prospects.

The social media post was removed and rules education was proved to the offending sports staff member.

Women’s golf violation

A coach impermissibly sent an e-mail directing a prospect’s coach to pass a message along to a recruit prior to the first allowed date on the recruiting calendar for electronic correspondence.

As a result of the violation dated Jan. 30, Georgia can’t provide any additional resting materials to the prospect involved until 60 days after the first legislated permissible date for distributing recruiting materials.


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