WATCH: Georgia football WR Terry Godwin represents leadership Kirby Smart covets

Georgia football-Terry Godwin-SEC Media Days
Georgia WR Terry Godwin is the Bulldogs' leading returning receiver, and he's stepping up as a leader on and off the field in the offseason.

ATLANTA — Georgia football coach Kirby Smart knows better than anyone the Bulldogs are in need of new leadership.

The Bulldogs third-year head coach also knows what the offense needs from the receiver position to be successful, and those are two reasons why he brought senior Terry Godwin to SEC Media Days.

Godwin, with his infectious smile and obvious enthusiasm for his team, served as a model representative for Georgia football at the College Football Hall of Fame during his Tuesday presentation.

“Team” was at the heart of each of his answers, even when asked about other players that could challenge him for catches and playing time.

Indeed, when asked about Cal transfer WR Demetris Robertson, a potential impact player, Godwin sounded more excited than anyone.

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“He’s a terrific athlete, just to add another weapon to that room, it’s more smiles for us,” Godwin said., “because we know we’ve always got someone in that room that can make a play for us no matter who it is. Adding him to that room, it’s a better situation for us.”

Godwin indicated that’s the team’s attitude in each position group.

“We just have a lot of talent everywhere, and that’s what the game is coming to, more talent and being able to be a better athlete than what has been,” Godwin said. “Everybody is big and strong and fast now.”

Godwin isn’t the biggest at 5-foot-11 and 185 pounds, but he’s as sure-handed and reliable as they come, and he embraces the opportunities to block down field.

Smart said he’s known Godwin since his ninth grade year in Hogansville, Ga.

“He has a wonderful family …. he is just a bright-eyed guy that loves to practice every day,” Smart said. “You can put Terry in any position, and it works for him. He understands the game, and his leadership in that room with wideouts has been tremendous for us.”

Godwin was, of course, asked to compare starting quarterback Jake Fromm to Justin Fields, and he acknowledged that Fields “puts a little more heat” on his passes.

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But both quarterbacks are accurate and put the ball where it needs to be, Godwin stressed.

“We know our coaches will put us in the best situation to win,” Godwin said, “so whoever they put back there or put on the field, we know they’re putting the best person out there to help our team win.”

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