Matching Georgia football players with their Thanksgiving food counterpart

Georgia football-thanksgiving food
Jake Fromm is Georgia's starting quarterback.

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Thanksgiving and Georgia football. It’s what we do

It’s Thanksgiving, so we figure we keep it light today. So why not compare the best Thanksgiving foods to some of the best Georgia football players. And have a happy Thanksgiving DawgNation!

Deandre Baker, senior cornerback: Mashed Potatoes

The best player on Georgia’s team naturally gets the best food on the table. Everyone celebrates Thanksgiving for the turkey, but a strong batch of mashed potatoes easily trumps a good piece of Turkey every single time. Baker was nominated for the Thorpe Award, which goes to the nation’s best defensive back, and he figures to be a top pick in this spring’s’s NFL draft.

Isaac Nauta, junior tight end: Sweet Potatoes/Yams

This is the most under-appreciated dish on the table, and goes perfectly with Georgia’s most under-utilized weapon. Throwing some marshmallows on top of the sweet potatoes is much like any time the massive junior tight end gets targeted. Good things tend to happen. Nauta has 21 catches for 310 yards on the season, but for some Georgia fans they’d like to see a little more out of the immensely talented tight end.

Andrew Thomas, sophomore offensive tackle: The gravy

The gravy covers up everything. It protects the normally dry turkey, and gives it some much needed flavor. Thomas does much of the same for Jake Fromm, as the offensive tackle has done excellent job of keeping Fromm clean. If the turkey is the most important dish on Thanksgiving, than the gravy is the dish that allows the turkey to do what it does.

Jake Fromm, sophomore quarterback: The turkey(deep fried)

It is the face of Thanksgiving, and Fromm is the face of Georgia football. It may not ever wow you, but you know what you’re getting every single time you sit down to eat it. And deep frying a turkey is the only way to really enjoy it.

Justin Fields, freshman quarterback: Ham

An alternative to turkey that seems to becoming more and more popular is ham. It still hasn’t done enough to overtake the turkey, much like Fields is still the back-up to Fromm, but there’s no denying that a ham on Thanksgiving gives a big boost to the meal. Fields has a similar effect on Georgia, and the meal is just better when you have both turkey and ham on the table.

D’Andre Swift, sophomore running back: Pumpkin pie

The finishing touch to a wonderful meal. Watching Swift play when healthy is, for lack of a better term, sweet. And he’s got a habit of finishing things off, as he essentially ended the Florida, Kentucky and Auburn games this year with touchdown.

D’Andre Walker, senior outside linebacker: Pecan Pie

Similar to Swift and pumpkin pie, but with a little bit more crunch. He’s Georgia best pass rusher, and if Georgia is holding a late lead and needs a sack to put the game away, look for Walker to come up big.

Elijah Holyfield, junior running back: Stuffing(And yes it’s stuffing not dressing)

Much like the turkey, the stuffing isn’t really going to wow you. But it’s incredibly dependable, and you’re always going to need to have some of it on your plate. That’s what Holyfield is for Georgia. He’s going to get around 15 carries. He’s going to grind out yards. He’s not flashy but he gets the job done.

Richard LeCounte, sophomore safety: Green Bean Casserole

Consistency can be an issue if not properly prepared, but it’s something you want on your first plate. LeCounte has missed a few tackles this year, but he’s the emotional leader of the Georgia defense this year. He hasn’t always been great this year, but when he has it’s make the Georgia defense truly elite. A good green bean casserole can do the same for a Thanksgiving meal.

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