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Jake Fromm believes that Georgia still can put together its best game.

Georgia football: Why Jake Fromm believes the offense still has another gear

Jake Fromm said something interesting during the volleys of questions he fielded on Monday. It was amid a heavy media day preparing the press in advance of Saturday’s SEC championship against LSU.

The reporter tribe might find it interesting. DawgNation could even label it hopeful.

It was between all the points he made about needing to win on first down. And winning the one-on-one battles that Georgia’s vaunted run game forces defenses to employ on the perimeter.

The junior starter with 35 career wins said something about Georgia’s top-rated SEC defense. That’s the unit that leads the conference in just about every category they have categories for.

That’s the unit the Georgia offense has busted up at times this year on the practice field. Fromm said it was something those guys might not like to hear him saying. But he said it nonetheless.

It, like everything in the program, goes back to the practice field.

“You know, in practice you see things happen, and you get really excited about things,” Fromm said.

The way any team performs in games is pretty much what shows up during the week on the practice field.  That’s a staple for every level of football, including the mighty SEC.

It was maybe why he has said repeatedly that this offense is “close” to finding another gear. Maybe even two gears beyond what it has shown on film.

“We go against our defense when we go good-on-good periods,” Fromm continued. “Our defense is one of the best, I believe the best in the nation. They probably won’t like this, but we kind of give it to them sometimes.”

That might be the most perplexing part of the season’s output so far. The Bulldogs have shown they can move the ball during the week against the best defense in the SEC.

That’s what Fromm continues to look toward that breakthrough Saturday.

“So it’s like, if we can do it against them, we can do it against anybody,” Fromm said. “So I think it’s just a matter of us showing up and just doing it on Saturday and doing it repetitively and going out and straining for all four quarters.”

It could also be a matter of Fromm being intelligent enough to learn the tendencies of Dan Lanning and Kirby Smart after facing them day after day of good-on-good on the practice field.

He just might be that used to knowing what all the players on the Georgia defense can do, what they like to do or don’t like to do.

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