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D'Andre Swift had his first career 100-yard day.

Winners and Losers from Georgia’s big win over Florida

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Winners and Losers from Georgia’s win over Florida

Winner: D’Andre Swift, Sophomore running back

A lot of players had big games on Saturday. Much has already been written about how great Jake Fromm was against the Gators. But another sophomore Bulldog who played perhaps his best game in a Georgia uniform was D’Andre Swift.

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For the first time in his Bulldog career, Swift topped 100 yards as he finished with 104 yards on 12 carries. He also salted the game away with a 33-yard touchdown that reminded fans of just how special Swift can be.

Most importantly, Swift and junior running back Elijah Holyfield complimented each other perfectly. Holyfield finished the game with 20 carries for 71 yards and really softened up the Florida defense over the course of the game. When Georgia is at its best, the running game is cooking like it did on Saturday. With Holyfield wearing down the defense and then Swift coming over the top to just hammer a gassed defense.

Loser: CeCe Jefferson/Freddie Swain, Florida players

If you’re not familiar with these names, these two players both played for the losing team on Saturday. But the reason they’re losers is because of what they said afterwards and not for how they played. Both Swain and Jefferson said after the game that Florida was the better team. The better team usually doesn’t lose by 19.

“Everybody was disappointed,” Jefferson said, according to the official quotes from Florida’s post-game press conference. “We felt like we were the better team, but we just didn’t come out and execute the way we should have. We just reminded each other that it’s one game and we have to keep moving forward.”

It’s worth pointing out that before the season, Jefferson said that Florida was going to beat Georgia. The last two seasons have seen Georgia beat Florida by a combined score of 78-24.

“I don’t think the better team won today. The execution part is what gave (Georgia) the lead and the momentum,” Swain said according to the Macon Telegraph’s Brandon Sudge.

It’s fine to believe in your team and Florida is still a good team. But to come out and say that they were the better team after what happened on Saturday is just disrespectful to what the Bulldogs did.

Winner: Jeremiah Holloman, Sophomore wide receiver

The Georgia wide receivers didn’t have a great performance against LSU. Someone needed to step up and beat Florida’s defensive backs, who play a lot of man coverage. And Holloman did just that.

He caught two touchdowns and drew and a pass interference penalty in the endzone, as he finished the game with four catches for 48 yards. Florida could not cover him in the redzone and while statistically he’ll have better games, he may not have a more impactful game than he did on Saturday. Both of his touchdown catches came on third down, which had a crushing effect on the Florida defense.

Oh, and Holloman had a perfect tweet after the game, as he referenced his commitment video where Fromm and safety Richard LeCounte guaranteed back-to-back wins over Florida. Because of Holloman’s performance, Georgia was able to make good on that guarantee.

Loser: Third-and-Grantham

Georgia fans know all about Third-and-Grantham, or the ability for a defense to consistently give up back-breaking third-down conversations, especially of the third-and-long variety. Well, Florida had a lot of Third-and-Grantham’s on Saturday.

The Bulldogs converted on eight of their 14 third-down conversations. But the most damning third-down statistic for Grantham’s defense is that all five of Georgia’s touchdowns came on third down. Five different times Florida was a play away from getting off the field and instead the Florida defense gave up a touchdown. Tough look for someone touting that Third-and-Grantham is actually a good thing. 

For the second year in a row, Kirby Smart and Georgia have put up 30-points on a Grantham defense. Safe to say Third-and-Grantham doesn’t frighten Georgia at all.

Winner: Eddie the Blind Squirrel

For those unfamiliar, this off-season Dan Mullen took a shot at Georgia, saying, “That even a blind squirrel can find a nut.” Meaning that Georgia is the blind squirrel and that the Bulldogs were lucky to win the SEC East last year. Since then, DawgNation’s Brandon Adams adopted Eddie the Blind Squirrel as the official mascot of DawgNation Daily.

Eddie made the trip down to Jacksonville for the big game and after Georgia won, the DawgNation Daily mascot got to spend some time on the field soaking up the post-game victory. This was Eddie’s first trip to Jacksonville, and it was a successful one.

Hopefully Eddie the Blind Squirrel continues finding nuts. Georgia can win its second consecutive SEC East title with a victory against Kentucky on Saturday. That game is scheduled for a 3:30 p.m. ET kickoff.

Georgia’s Keturah Orji  wins NCAA Woman of the Year

Georgia beating Florida was the second biggest win for Georgia over the weekend. The biggest win as former UGA Track and Field star Keturah Orji was named the 2018 NCAA Woman of the Year. Orji was one of nine finalists for the award, which encompasses all three NCAA divisions. The finalists “demonstrated excellence in academics, athletics, community service and leadership throughout their collegiate careers.”

Orji served for three years on the UGAAA Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC), including as vice president during her senior year. A four-year attendee of the Student-Athlete Leadership Academy, she founded Amara’s Pride in 2017, an after-school mentoring program for middle school girls, focusing on self-worth, the importance of education, social media influences and the power of perseverance.

As for her on-field accomplishments, Orji was a 15-time First-Team All-American and eight-time NCAA individual national champion. She also holds the American and college record for the indoor triple jump and the outdoor triple jump. Orji also competed at the 2016 Rio Olympics, coming in fourth.

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