Georgia practice report: ‘Big game’ preparation

Jake Fromm-UGA-Georgia football-Kirby Smart-Alabama-Nick Saban
Georgia quarterback Jake Fromm is preparing to start the biggest game of his young career.

ATHENS — The Georgia football team practice Tuesday afternoon appeared to be running as it has all season: fast-paced, with lots of action and lots of screaming. Offensive coordinator Jim Chaney, who likes to preface the beginning of a drill with an exclamation, was the one who made the understatement:

“Big game! Big game!” Chaney yelled as the quarterbacks and receivers got in position for a passing drill.

Chaney then watched as the quarterbacks, including starter Jake Fromm, began by throwing quick passes. That included RPOs and slants. No surprise there: Auburn’s pass rush the first time around was such that Chaney could be expected to dial up some of those passes that don’t assume a lot of time to throw.

But the quarterbacks also threw intermediate and longer routes, going through the rotation as they normally have in that drill all season.

This was the media viewing period, by the way, which consisted of two periods and lasted just eight minutes. So it was a small snapshot.

A few other quick notes:

  • Coach Kirby Smart was subdued during the media viewing period. But as the media members left and were headed back into the facility, Smart could be heard letting out one of his blood-curdling screams from literally more than 100 yards away. (Blood-curdling is a term borrowed with permission from another media member.)
  • The team was outdoors during this portion of practice. But the bay doors to the indoor facility were open and the place-kickers were already inside preparing. Given that this will be Georgia’s first game in a dome this season the team will undoubtedly be going indoors some this week.
  • Freshman defensive back Deangelo Gibbs, who did not make the trip to Georgia Tech, was not seen at Tuesday’s practice. Gibbs most recently played against Florida.
  • Junior defensive tackle Trenton Thompson was indeed practicing. Thompson left the Georgia Tech game with a knee injury but returned soon after and finished the game.

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