ATHENS — The Georgia football team is holding its second preseason practice Tuesday, and during the media viewing period, the roster looked very similar to the way it was on Monday.

That means no Robert Beal yet. No Devonte Wyatt yet.

There might be news on those fronts soon. In the meantime, your faithful reporter elected to spend the allotted dozen minutes focusing on the passing drills. Here are some gathered notes and observations:

  • No need to do the regular quarterback pecking-order update, as we did in 2015 and 2016. Jacob Eason is the presumed starter now. But the backup situation bears watching, so for what it’s worth, Jake Fromm followed immediately after Eason in drills where one QB threw. He threw with Eason when they two-spotted. Then Brice Ramsey, followed by walk-ons Sam Vaughn and Stetson Bennett, had their chances.
  • Eason and Fromm both looked good in these drills, which were against air. Ramsey missed on at least one throw, a short overthrow. He could be rusty after not throwing in pads during the spring.
  • Bennett, the freshman walk-on, is noticeably shorter than the rest, even Vaughn.
  • Ahkil Crumpton, the recently added receiver, caught everything thrown his way during the media period. (Most receivers did, by the way.) Crumpton showed a good ability to catch-and-turn near the sideline.
  • Freshman Matt Landers, now at 6-foot-5 and the tallest receiver on the roster, had a good catch over the middle.
  • Freshman Trey Blount looks like he has a good frame on his 6-2 body — stout and strong, but good speed.

During these drills, the receivers were broken up into three groups. One was the slot, the other two were wideouts. The pecking order (during these drills, and not necessarily the rest of the time):

  • Slot: Terry Godwin, Mecole Hardman, Willie Erdman (walk-on, redshirt freshman), Crumpton, Mark Webb.
  • WR: Michael Chigbu, Riley Ridley, Tyler Simmons, Trey Blount.
  • WR: Javon Wims, Jayson Stanley, J.J. Holloman, Landers.

Note: This practice was also not in full pads, rather helmets and shorts. So no big-time hitting or anything going on.

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