Georgia practice update: There is no update

A picture from a previous practice. Not Wednesday.

ATHENS — Georgia held practice as scheduled on Wednesday. There’s just nothing to report on what we saw because the scheduled media viewing period didn’t happen.

The sports information department sent out an e-mail earlier in the day that media viewing would be the first period, and run from 4:43-4:50 p.m. The media was also told that there would be no shuttle bus, so media members would have to drive over.

So this reporter was riding in the flat bed of a colleague’s truck – we carpooled – when at 4:25 p.m. an e-mail arrived from UGA:

“Late apologies from football but they gave us the incorrect start time by accident today. The open period out at the practice fields has come and gone.”

Alas, this was the final day that there was scheduled to be a media viewing period. So it turns out Tuesday was the final day for the media to see practice.


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