Kirby Smart breaks down Carson Beck, Brock Vandagriff, Gunner Stockton in Scrimmage One

Georgia redshirt freshman quarterback Gunner Stockton made some plays with his feet in Scrimmage One, according to coach Kirby Smart on April 1, 2023.
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ATHENS —The Georgia quarterback was finally off and running on Saturday with the first scrimmage at Sanford Stadium in the books

Coach Kirby Smart made it clear nothing has been decided, well-aware his three returning quarterbacks are still learning the nuances of Mike Bobo’s offense and getting accustomed to some new faces at receiver.

Smart said fourth-year QB Carson Beck and third-year QB Brock Vandagriff continue to split the first-team reps, while second-year QB Gunner Stockton is working with the second team.

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“It’s like everything, the ebb and flow,” Smart said on Saturday. “I can think of really good things each one did and I can think of really poor things each one did. So, it’s not like one guy is sticking out.”

Smart has said earlier this spring he wants to see how the quarterbacks perform in scrimmages as well as games, opening the possibility that UGA will take advantage of a soft opening schedule to play multiple quarterbacks.

The Bulldogs open with home games against UT-Martin, Ball State, South Carolina and UAB before their first road game of the season, Sept. 30 at Auburn.

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Smart explained why it takes performances in games to get a true read, as Georgia doesn’t not typically allow its defenders to tackle the quarterbacks in practices or scrimmages.

“I can’t sit here and say that the dynamic has changed in any way shape or form,” Smart said, referring to the QB pecking order. “I think we’ll evaluate this scrimmage and come back in on Monday and be able to say, ‘Okay, what did they do well or poorly with no coach on the field?’

“It’s still a tough evaluation because there’s probably 10 plays out there in the scrimmage where I have to say a guy got sacked. Well, did he get sacked or did he not get sacked because we didn’t tackle?”

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Smart said he gives the benefit of the doubt to his defensive players, even though he knows it’s not a given they would get the quarterbacks to the ground.

“Until you tackle a guy live, which we’re not going to do, it’s not going to give you a true evaluation,” he said.

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Brock Vandagriff

“Brock made some plays. He made some plays getting out of the pocket. He made some good throws.

“He had a couple of downfield throws I think he wish he had back, give us a chance in some 50-50 situations and keep the ball in bounds with that, but he did a really good job in two minute.”

Gunner Stockton

Gunner made some plays. Gunner made some plays with his feet.

“He’s still, with the administration of the offense and getting everybody lined up, getting going, getting the call in, which is not all on in. He’s growing and getting better. He made some nice throws.”

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