Georgia football ‘fastest man’ 2019 conversation off and running

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Georgia football sophomore cornerback Tyson Campbell remains in 'fastest man' conversation

ATHENS — The Georgia football fastest player conversation remains one of the most talked about and debated on the team.

The 2019 version got underway on Saturday when the topic was broached with speedy Bulldogs redshirt sophomore Eric Stokes.

“I got to go with me, Tyson (Campbell), of course, D-Rob (Demetris Robertson) of course,” Stokes said. “We’ve got Tyler Simmons. That’s four.”

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Prodded for a fifth candidate, and the fastest newcomer, Stokes didn’t need much time to consider.

“Fastest newcomer,” Stokes said. “I have to go with Tyrique Stevenson. He can roll. He can move.”

Last year’s discussion of fastest Georgia player on the 2018 roster included D’Andre Swift sharing some GPS data that showed he reached 21.8 mph, with James Cook and Robertson both at 21.7.

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Senior safety J.R. Reed, the wise old soul on defense, said the 2018 fastest man candidates were Robertson, Mecole Hardman, Cook, Tyler Simmons and Jayson Stanley.

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Hardman, who ran a 4.33-second time in the 40-yard dash at the NFL combine, selected Eric Stokes, Tyson Campbell, Deandre Baker, himself, and Jayson Stanley, along with Robertson.

Documented times, per meets

The following are high school times, and Georgia players have surely grown, added weight and changed their bodies since coming to college. Still, the track times are worth noting.

Campbell and Stokes both ran times of 10.39 seconds in the 100 meters in high school. Simmons ran a 10.76, Robertson ran a 10.93, Stevenson ran a 10.99.

Cook ran 22.03 in the 200 meters.

A player who has yet to be mentioned by teammates — perhaps because quarterbacks haven’t been turned loose –is quarterback D’Wan Mathis.

Mathis ran a documented 10.84 in the 100 meters.

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If there was a race for 2019 fastest man, this would be an early lineup:

2– D’Wan Mathis, Quarterback

3 — Tyson Campbell, Cornerback

4 — James Cook, Tailback

7 — D’Andre Swift, Tailback

7 — Tyrique Stevenson, Cornerback

16 — Demetris Robertson, Receiver

27 — Eric Stokes, Cornerback

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