Jamie Newman on decision to leave Georgia: ‘No regrets …. still love DawgNation’

Georgia Jamie Newman
Former Wake Forest and Georgia QB has had a very important week at the Senior Bowl.

ATHENS — Jamie Newman said back in September that he was opting out of the 2020 season at Georgia because of Covid concerns, and on Thursday he revealed that a family member contacted it.


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With the NFL combine canceled and clubs expected to have limited attendance at the various programs’ Pro Day workouts, appearing at the Senior Bowl has become more important than ever.

Newman, an athletic and strong-armed 6-foot-, 235-pound, has been the “wild-card” of the week after opting out of the season at Georgia.

Newman said on Thursday that in all 32 interviews he has done with teams, he has been asked about opting out.

NFL teams will have their own opinions on where they might draft Newman after his roller-coaster week in practice.

WATCH: Mark Webb picks off Jamie Newman pass

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