Georgia’s Jacob Eason still has a learning curve

Who was Jacob Eason throwing to? Jeb Blazevich (83) said it was intended for Javon Wims (6).

ATHENS — Jacob Eason passed pretty well in his starting debut. He only had a couple bad noticeably moments. And Jeb Blazevich was involved in both of them.

First was a pass inside the 10, when Eason passed down to fullback Christian Payne, who dropped it, while Blazevich was springing free into the end zone.

Blazevich smiled as someone began asking about that play on Monday.

“Things happen. We all make mistakes out there on Saturday. So I guess that’s just another one,” Blazevich said. “But it’s all good, once again that’s why we have another game and we have practice.”

Then there was Eason’s lone interception, that happened when Blazevich and receiver Javon Wims nearly ran into each other, and Eason’s pass bounced off a Nicholls State defender, then was caught by a defensive back, who returned it 91 yards.

Blazevich, who had a defender on him, said the ball was intended for Wims, who was coming the other way. Both were running something similar to a crossing routes.

It was Eason’s last pass of the day. Greyson Lambert replaced him for the final two drives, which was mainly because of the game situation: Georgia clinging to a lead. It was nearly the same situation as the week before, when Lambert came in to run the four-minute offense, Georgia leading by two over North Carolina.

“I think he just has the experience,” Blazevich said, when asked what Lambert does well to run the four-minute offense. “I think he can command in the huddle, and he just knows exactly where everybody’s supposed to be. And he’s been in that spot numerous times. So he’s used to it and he’s comfortable to it.”

How close is Eason to that?

“He’s still developing,” Blazevich said. “We all are. But I think he’s doing a tremendous job, and I think he’s continuing to progress. That’s the one thing that I’m looking for, and I think everybody and the coaches are looking for, which is are you better than yesterday. I think (Eason) is, and I think he’s going to continue that pattern.”

Blazevich was asked how he’d seen Eason adjust as he tries to learn how to run an offense at the college level.

“It’s tough going into the season because every week, it’s not like we have a new offense, but every week is a special gameplan for that (game). So I think he’s getting better at that,” Blazevich said. “It obviously would benefit us more if we had to work like camp on the same stuff over and over again. But I think he’s adjusting really well and I think he’s doing a great job.”

Who starts at Missouri has either yet to be decided, or yet to be announced. Kirby Smart continues to say both will be “developed,” and that a review of the Nicholls State game film just confirmed the first impression.

“Jacob made some mistakes, but he also made some really good plays,” Smart said. “Then Greyson came in, and for a guy who came off the bench, did a great job of manufacturing a third down — bad snap, made a good read, made a great throw and did what we asked him to do. So, I was very proud of how he managed the situation that he was brought into.”

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