Georgia’s Jim Chaney says he has been ‘reflecting’ on a ‘disappointing’ season

Jim Chaney - Georgia football

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Georgia offensive coordinator Jim Chaney’s first media session in Georgia was a hit, with the engaging play-caller regaling with stories and joking about liking pie. But that was awhile ago.

After what can only be characterized as a rough regular season – Georgia’s offense ranks 89th nationally in total yards – Chaney had his second media session on Wednesday, in preparation for the Liberty Bowl.

“I think I’d be telling not the truth if I said I wasn’t a little disappointed in the production throughout the fall,” Chaney said. “That, as a play caller and coordinator, that burden lies with me and it always and always will. I carry that with me every day of my life as a play caller.”

Chaney also said he has done “a lot of reflecting” on the disappointing production and would continue to do that with head coach Kirby Smart once the bowl was over.

“There’s been a lot of reflection on my part throughout the season and, particularly, after the season in bowl preparation — what we could have done better, what we should have done better,” Chaney said. “Now it will continue through the offseason when coach Smart and I get a chance to sit down and visit even more about the direction and what we want to do. But I just feel like we could have done a little better and that starts with me.”

Chaney also acknowledged that at times the offense tried to be more straight-ahead and physical when in fact freshman quarterback Jacob Eason was more comfortable in the shotgun.

“I do believe there are some parts of that. You’d love to be a downhill team, but you do have a young quarterback that has played in the gun more. So you have to find some happiness there,” Chaney said. “As we work through that sometimes it didn’t work out as well as we’d like to. There was a little contradiction with philosophies in regards to that, as we worked through it.”

More from Chaney later. 

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