Georgia’s Reggie Davis: ‘I should’ve let it go’

ATHENS — Whether Reggie Davis has been haunted by it for the past 10 days, he wouldn’t say. In fact, he didn’t want to say much about it at all.

“I should’ve let it go,” Davis said on Wednesday night. “Bottom line, should’ve let it go.”

Davis was referring to the opening kickoff of the second half against Vanderbilt on Oct. 15. (Yes, more than a week ago. Davis has been requested prior to Wednesday, but he wasn’t allowed to go speak to the media until after Wednesday’s practice.)

Davis fielded the kickoff at the 3, his foot inches from the sideline, and then pivoted to the right, stepping out of bounds. That put his offense in a bad spot to start the second half of a game it was already trailing 7-6. Pinned back, Georgia went three-and-out, and Vanderbilt got field position for a field goal.

“It’s football. Both teams are going to make plays,” Davis said. “Once it happens, we forget about it and move on.”

The play overshadowed the one Davis made to start the first half, when he ran down Vanderbilt’s kickoff returner at the 4. But the Commodores scored anyway a few plays later.

Davis has been Georgia’s main kickofff returner this year, with 12 out of the team’s 16 returns, and Davis is averaging 23.3 yards per return. But with the bye week, and the overall special teams struggles, head coach Kirby Smart has said they’re looking at a number of special teams jobs, not specifying any in particular.

Davis was asked about that.

“That’s my job to say anything about that,” Davis said.

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