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Charlie Woerner is back for his senior season in Athens this fall. He will be a captain on Saturday against Murray State.

Homegrown: The Charlie Woerner story will read a bit differently than most

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Charlie Woerner had a 10 a.m. class his senior year of high school. It was his first class of the day.

It allowed him to hunt in the early mornings with his brother Peter before school. Those hunts bagged a wild turkey and a hog, among other game.

Woerner, like the six other siblings in his family, basically grew up outdoors.

There’s a story or two from his high school days that reflect his interests and hobbies at the time.

It will be a departure from the connections he has coming from a family of educators with one very famous All-American uncle (the College Football Hall of Famer Scott Woerner) who also played at Georgia.

This narrative will seek to break apart from all of that. Woerner is, after all, his own man. The senior tight end is set to be one of three captains for the Bulldogs on Saturday as they host Murray State.

Woerner was the type of do-everything player at Rabun County that shined all over the football field.

He collected knives coming up. His father, Kent, did some work at an auction house. Woerner would come over whenever they had new inventory and buy some of those. He’d then sell them on eBay.

But then there was also that time he sampled that deer heart. It was fried up in a pan and everything.

“My brother Peter shot a deer, so I went out and found it for him,” Woerner said back in 2015. “We brought it back and skinned it and cleaned it. Then my buddy Eli and I broke open the chest cavity and tore out the heart and went and fried it in the pan and it tasted pretty good. Mom was pretty mad about it because it smoked up the whole house, but it was really good.”

That didn’t taste like chicken. He said it tasted more like the tenderloin of a deer back then.

Charlie Woerner was a member of the AJC’s “Super 11” back in 2015. (Curtis Compton/AJC)

Charlie Woerner is one of 10 signees left at UGA from 2016

Woerner now rooms with Georgia quarterback Jake Fromm. Those two are working on trying to fish or hunt every good private spot within 45 miles of Clarke County. That’s when their time away from the team allows it.

It is an interesting twist to when he chose Georgia. The Rabun County great basically only knew Jacob Eason and Ben Cleveland on the team when he committed to Georgia. That was all he needed.

Woerner had the good sense back then to make his decision based on what he felt and what he wanted out of college. Not what others were going to do.

“College football is a business,” Charlie Woerner said back during the 2015 season. “Coaches come and go so you can’t commit based on a coach who could be gone the next day or the next season.”

Woerner said then he’d even go to UGA if Mark Richt was no longer the head coach.

“It would be a little weird,” Charlie Woerner said. “It would definitely be a curveball not knowing who the head coach is going to be. But I guess I am more committed to (the) Georgia football than I am all of the coaches.”

He wasn’t active on social media. He still doesn’t waste his time with that.

When he chose the Bulldogs, he was also interested in Alabama and Clemson. He also hoped to take advantage of a trip to check out Oregon, but that was likely just too far.

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