Todd Monken-Georgia football-DawgNation Cover 4
Does this slowdown affect the transition to Todd Monken's new offense?

How will the COVID-19 quarantine affect the development of Todd Monken’s offense?

DawgNation has four staffers who cover Georgia football from every angle: Beat, live streams, photos, podcasts, recruiting, etc. The “Cover 4” concept is: 1) Present a topic; 2) Offer a reasoned response; 3) Share a brisk statement on that opinion. 4) Pepper the page with photos for the big picture. For this edition, we discuss how the COVID-19 shutdown will affect the progression of Todd Monken’s new offense in Athens. 

DawgNation continues with the “Cover 4” concept. The focus is always a timely look with each of our guys manning the secondary on a pertinent topic.

Todd Monken and the Georgia offense had a very productive spring practice planned. Poof. That’s all gone. The installs and position specifics are having to happen with Zoom sessions now and mental reps.

Will that ultimately affect what Georgia’s 2020 offense was set to be this fall? Will it just super-size the efficiency and importance of the on-field work once they are cleared to hit the field. What is something we can already point to aside from conjecture and generalities?

We asked our Cover 4 panel to share their thoughts on that topic thread.

The quick in-and-out game remains. The Cover 4 is designed to come out as quick as everyone is trying to maintain their social distancing these days.

What specific ways do you see the COVID-19 slowdown affecting the potential of the new Todd Monken offense?

Brandon Adams: It will require Monken to be a teacher

DawgNation Daily says that Todd Monken has already had to home school his new charges on offense for the Georgia football program up to this point. (Associated Press photo)

The “why” from “DawgNation Daily” here: “A lot of folks who’ve been forced into duty as a homeschool instructor have learned how challenging teaching can be. Monken faces a similar challenge knowing he’ll have to present a lot of information to his players in a short amount of time.”

Mike Griffith: Not as much as some think

Mike Griffith thinks that Georgia will keep things simple when practices return. That will allow players to play fast. (Jeff Sentell/DawgNation)

The “why” from “On the Beat” here: “The offense was going to be pretty basic with all the infusion of youth and newness. This will keep things elementary, which could be a blessing in disguise.“

Connor Riley: A thinner playbook

Connor Riley’s take included lasagna. So we will we’d make Cover 4 history and include an image of a food dish for the first time on a Cover 4 post. (

The “why” from “Good Day UGA” here: “With less time to install and see what works and what doesn’t, Monken is just going to have less to work with and he’s going to have to do more. It’s like cooking lasagna, but instead of using multiple meats and cheeses, you just use one of each.“

Jeff Sentell: Sink-or-swim environment for all the new faces

Will these hands still be able to flash early in 2020? Marcus Rosemy will have to really come in ready to contribute when things restart for the Georgia program. (Jeff Sentell/DawgNation)

The Intel here: “I’m thinking about the freshmen receivers here. There were at least a couple of names among the new crop of Jermaine Burton, Ladd McConkey, Marcus Rosemy, Justin Robinson and Arian Smith who could have made the impact Dominick Blaylock and George Pickens did in 2019. Grad transfer Tre’ McKitty can make an easier transition at TE based on his years at FSU. See Lawrence Cager in 2019. He knows what is expected to compete, practice and play at this level. There won’t be as much time to help the young guys come along as in years past. Especially with a new Monken system.”