Brad Nessler, who is the “voice of the SEC on CBS Sports,” had a recent conversation with Jake Fromm.

And one of things the UGA quarterback revealed to Nessler is that he’d like to wear those sacred black jerseys just once before he finishes his Bulldogs career.

“Jake mentioned that — I don’t know if I should say this, I haven’t told anyone this – ‘I think we should wear black jerseys,’” Nessler said an interview with 92.9 FM The Game from SEC Media Days that was aired by the radio station on Saturday.

“I said you better get to work on that with Kirby right now because that’s getting close (the end of Fromm’s UGA career). He goes ‘I’d just like to wear them once.’ I go ‘You might not get another chance,’ because (Fromm is) not going to be around next year.

“We kidded around about that – that the (NFL) is probably within his sights a year from now. I don’t think anybody would’ve thought that when he showed up at Georgia as a freshman.”

Perhaps nothing generates more mixed opinions among Georgia fans than the black jerseys.

The Bulldogs haven’t donned them since 2016 (vs. Louisiana-Lafayette), but nearly every recruit that visits UGA takes pictures in them. The Georgia Football Equipment Twitter account teased the black jerseys in a tweet around a year ago, hyping up the speculation that the Bulldogs would wear them in a game last season. But they never did.

For the record, UGA coach Kirby Smart – the decision-maker on the black jerseys — made it clear last year that the topic wasn’t greatly important to him.

“I’m not saying we’re not ever going to do it, I’m not saying that we are, that’s just really not what is important to me,” Smart said. “I believe in the guys going out and playing physical, playing hard; you don’t have to do things like that to get them fired up to do it, I really think they should want to do it.

“It’s great for recruiting, though.”

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Should UGA wear black jerseys this season?