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Kirby Smart compares Jake Fromm to Tim Tebow

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Two of the best QBs to play in the SEC

Kirby Smart compared Jake Fromm to one of the Florida Gators’ all-time greats at Tuesday’s SEC Media Days.

The Gator? None other than Tim Tebow.

If you follow Smart closely, he rarely compares current players to former players — or any players. It’s just not his style. But Smart invoked Tebow’s name when asked about how Fromm responds to adversity, such as the back-to-back losses to Alabama.

“(Fromm is) strong — and he’s strong in his faith,” Smart told the SEC Network. “You know, I relate it a lot of times – and people are going to cringe when I say this – to the way Tim Tebow was, when you think about how strong he was in his belief with who he is.

“(Fromm) has a not-ordinary confidence in himself, and what he believes. He has an ability to lead in that locker room without alienating people and without running people the wrong way. I think that speaks volumes to the team we can become – because when he speaks, they listen.

“When things don’t go well, he absorbs that responsibility and takes it upon himself, just like I do.”

Surely Smart is aware that many UGA fans are “Gator Haters” with their feelings about Florida. In fairness to Smart, Tebow is not really your typical Gator – he sort of transcends sports.

Nevertheless, Smart’s words were a huge compliment to Fromm – along with further evidence of the coach’s unwavering belief in the junior quarterback.

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