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Justice Haynes, the son of former Georgia great Verron Haynes, breaks down the significance of the UGA offer he picked up on Monday.

Justice Haynes: Big-time sophomore RB breaks down a legacy offer from UGA

Want to attack every day with the latest UGA football recruiting info? That’s what the Intel brings. This entry shares the best possible first window into the Justice Haynes story and a very big recent offer from Georgia. 

There is finally some Justice among the approximate 50-something offers Georgia has extended in the Class of 2023.

Justice Haynes, the son of Georgia great battering ram tailback Verron Haynes, picked up a long-awaited offer Monday from his Pop’s alma mater.

“Even with Florida, my Mom went there,” Justin Haynes said. “I’ve been to Florida countless times. It was just a true honor.”

But she did get her graduate degree at UGA. When you learn this young man’s story, a lot of thoughts will swirl and churn together.

Hyperbaric chambers. The 4.0 grade-point average. A Georgia/Florida house divided that will apply to the Haynes family. Props from Jerome Bettis and how it led to a “Bussy” nickname. Being a 5-star teammate. Thursdays are trash days. The room check is on Friday. Congratulatory messages from a pair of former coaches at UGA. 

The one thing that is clear is that this is by no means a projectable offer. Haynes and his team spent 28 days off the field due to quarantine and COVID-19. The first four games of the original schedule were called off.

Haynes still has a pair of games in which he put up five total touchdowns and at least 250 rushing yards in each. His “off” game featured one rushing score, one passing score and 107 of his 181 total yards on the ground.

That’s continuing what he did for a 2019 state championship team as a freshman: 201 carries for 1793 yards; 8.9 yards per rushing attempt; 18 touchdowns

What did his proud Dad have to say about the legacy offer?

“Honestly I was very very happy,” Verron Haynes said. “I was thrilled. I know it is something that Justice has been wanting for a long time. This is his journey. Obviously, honestly being a Georgia grad with a little selfishness I would love for him to go there but I’m just a fan now. I’m enamored by all of this. Just like everybody else is. I’m taking it all in.”

(Quick funny side story: When the Georgia/Florida game rolls around every year, there is some wagering in the Haynes home. “Absolutely,” Verron Haynes said. “You are definitely going to feel it. You are going to have to do laundry. You’re doing it all for a week.” 

Justice Haynes has 710 rushing yards and 12 total touchdowns through three games so far this fall. (Jeff Sentell/DawgNation)

An interesting kid: Getting to know Justice Haynes

There’s a real good story to kick things off with Haynes. When he has big games, he wants to go get his Blessed Trinity offensive line some Chick-Fil-A. He told them he wanted to take them all to the upscale Roswell Stoney River steakhouse after a recent game.

His lineman said that would be too much. Just some good Hibachi would be fine.

“I love each and every one of them,” he said of his O-line. “Actually every Saturday I bring them Chick-Fil-A. They do a great job every week. They come out here work hard. They are tremendous. They are great friends of mine. They are always working hard to get better.”

Those guys help BT football eat. And Haynes eat.

Blessed Trinity coach Tim McFarlin sees that as a telling point in his maturity.

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