Late bloomer Jimmy Horn Jr. seems like a key late offer for Georgia

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Jimmy Horn Jr. is an intriguing late offer to watch for Georgia in the 2021 class.

Want to attack every day with the latest UGA football recruiting info? That’s what the Intel brings. This entry is about an intriguing late add to the UGA board for 2021 in Florida speed merchant Jimmy Horn Jr. 

There are many delicious bites of a story to share about the latest 2021 Georgia offer to Florida receiver prospect Jimmy Horn Jr. right now.

The COVID-19 recruiting freeze for evaluations. A broken wrist that basically cost him his junior year. That was to be his first season after a transfer. The slight 5-foot-9 and 165-pound frame. That’s after he put on about 20 pounds. 

An offer list which read Central Arkansas, Florida Memorial, Jackson State and Mississippi Valley State up until this week. His options now include the University of Georgia. 

This “wow” story meshes seamlessly with this lightning rod of undiscovered raw talent here.

“I mean obviously we’re pumped for him,” Sanford coach Eric Lodge said. “We’ve been screaming at the top of all the hills his praises all season long. It is good to see that people are paying attention and it is refreshing to talk with the guys at Georgia and guys that are really confident in their own recruiting and their own evaluation and their ability to evaluate. They are not just worried about have these guys come in on him or have these guys done that.”

“They set the standard here. That was refreshing to see.”

It all seems fleeting now. How many coaches and recruiters can see this speed and wonder for more than a nanosecond how Horn might make their offenses better?

“As of right now, Georgia is probably like my number one,” he said. “I can see myself playing there. They are going to get me right. I’ll learn the playbook or whatever and it is on and popping from there. Now it is on to my decision day and my signing day.”

This wasn’t a “take a chance” offer. Especially if you see his full senior highlight reel.

It was more of a “we believe in you” type of offer. It did not go unnoticed. Those close to this situation feel it will be a shock to see another school sign Horn at this time.

“The landscape of college recruiting now is everybody is worried about who else has offered him and what if anything anybody else is doing,” Sanford coach Eric Lodge said. “Kudos to Georgia. They told me ‘Hey we really don’t care’ and ‘we like him’ and they said ‘once we offer him everybody is going to want to offer him’ and that seems to be coming true here as my phone blows up this morning.”

South Florida offered. Lodge also spoke to Florida State and Penn State on Thursday morning, too.  They’ll be behind in this race. Kind of like hoping to keep up with Horn on a “9” route.

Hankton coming with the offer first was big.

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