Nick Chubb power cleans the equivalent of two defensive backs

Nick Chubb

As if the legend of Nick Chubb needed to grow any larger, a Vine surfaced on Sunday of the sophomore running back power cleaning what looks to be 340 pounds.

At first glance it looks as though he asked two of the teams defensive backs to hold on to each side of the bar, because there just weren’t enough weights in the gym.

To put that into perspective, Brandon Kublanow, the team’s expected starting center, weighs 282 pounds. Chubb essentially power cleaned Georgia’s starting center, if Kublanow was holding an additional 60 pound weight.

That, ladies and gentleman, is impressive.

Chubb received significant playing time in only eight games for the Bulldogs last season, but still managed 1,547 rushing yards and 14 touchdowns as a freshman in the SEC.

The preseason Heisman contender may have to carry the team at times during the season, it’s a good thing that he is already practicing.

Note: It appears that this video was first posted in December 2013. So who knows? Maybe Chubb is strong enough to power clean three or four defensive backs by now.



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