Notre Dame ticket drama continues as desperate UGA fans anxiously await their arrival

Tickets for the Georgia-Notre Dame game have been very difficult to come by on the secondary market. These are not Notre Dame tickets, by the way.

SOUTH BEND, Ind. – There might have been some people in the world busier than Jeff Cook the last couple of weeks. But if there were, they probably aren’t standing upright anymore.

Cook is the controversial ticket broker from Eatonton, Ga., whose inability to deliver on some of his orders for Georgia-Notre Dame tickets drew complaints from customers who had put their faith in him.

Well, Cook is coming through. At least he is for a lot of the people to whom he promised delivery before Georgia and Notre Dame play on Saturday night at Notre Dame Stadium.

“I’m thrilled,” said Chip Folendore of Athens, who said he received the four tickets he ordered from Cook’s All Sports Tickets online brokerage at about 5 p.m. on Tuesday.

That was the deadline Folendore said he gave Cook via an email he sent on Sunday. Late last week, Folendore said he was prepared to cancel his credit card purchase and turn in Cook to the Better Business Bureau or whatever agency he could find that monitors such things.

Fortunately for both Folendore and Cook, that no longer will be necessary.

“He said I’d have my tickets Tuesday, and I told him that was the last day I’d be able to take them,” said Folendore, who is driving to Indiana on Thursday. “I’m the next-the-last house in my neighborhood that gets the mail. He sent them overnight USPS and I got them, so I’m good to go.”

Folendore paid $275 apiece for his tickets, which is one of the better deals you’ll find. The cheapest ticket found on on Tuesday was $450 and that was without fees and taxes.

Folendore said the tickets he received are the paper kind printed with a bar code. But he said he trusted they were good and they they were located “44 rows up in the end zone; better than I expected, to be honest.”

Folendore said he was not promised when he ordered the tickets in the spring where they would be located.

“As long as I’m in the stadium I don’t care,” he said.

Cook has never returned calls, texts or email messages left for him by DawgNation, including more on Tuesday. He is listed on LinkedIn as president of All Sports Tickets but also as “public relations and golf course advisor for Reynolds Lake Oconee.”

Individuals who have been doing business with Cook say they told him he accepted orders for more than 500 UGA-Notre Dame tickets. In an email to Folendore last week, Cook said he needed 175 tickets from his “last three orders from my suppliers” who pushed back their shipping date to fulfill them all.

“I am going to send you your tickets,” he promised.

Not everybody was happy with the way things turned out with Cook, however. Bill Ard also purchased tickets through All Sports Tickets. Unlike Folendore, however, he was promised in February certain seats in a certain section. Cook came through with tickets this week but they weren’t where Ard was told they would be. So he declined them and found others.

“These were in the end zone and I was supposed to be in a different section,” Ard said. “He said, ‘Well these are what came through.’ I said, ‘I’m sorry, but I’m not going to accept these. These aren’t what I paid for.’”

Ard said he canceled the purchase through American Express and has since found another set of tickets through “a friend of a friend” who lives in Chicago. But he can’t be 100 percent sure those are good until he picks them up Thursday when they meet in Chicago.

“They’re not as good as my original seats, but they’re decent and I’m actually going to save $100,” said Ard, who is attending the game with his wife, his father and one of his college roommates.

Ard said he went by Cook’s house on the Eatonton side of Lake Oconee on Tuesday. He said there were “a bunch of notes” on Cook’s door from people still desperately seeking the tickets they’d ordered. Ard said one gentleman drove up while he was at Cook’s house who said he’d just driven three hours to see about getting the 15 tickets he still had not yet received.

“So there are still are a lot of upset people out there that still haven’t received anything,” Ard said.

UGA was allotted only 8,400 tickets from Notre Dame for its season ticket/donor base. UGA ticket manager Tim Cearley said Georgia fans were seeking as many as 20,000 tickets after those orders were filled.

Usually some tickets are available via street scalpers the day of games.

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