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What changes will new coordinator James Coley sprinkle into the Georgia playbook this fall?

Cover 4 on Georgia football: What will convince DawgNation the Bulldogs are throwing the ball more this fall?

DawgNation has four staffers who cover Georgia football from every angle: Beat, live streams, photos, podcasts, recruiting, etc. The “Cover 4” concept here is simple: 1) Present a topic; 2) Offer a reasoned response; 3) Share a brisk statement to support the informed opinion. 4) Pepper the page with big photos to get the big picture. For this edition, we give junior quarterback Jake Fromm and the passing game the “Cover 4” look. 

DawgNation returns this week with the “Cover 4” concept which was in our regular story rotation in 2018.

We have four staffers who cover the UGA athletics program on a full-time basis and that means the focus shifts to a timely “Cover 4” look with each of our guys manning the secondary here.

The quick in-and-out game still remains. These takes are designed to come out quicker than former Bulldog Mecole Hardman Jr. ran the 40 this year at the NFL combine.

The third “Cover 4” question of the regular season is:

What do you need to see to gauge whether Georgia throws the ball more in 2019? 

James Coley moves from co-offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach to the sole offensive coordinator in 2019. He’ll be down on the field this fall. (Jeff Sentell/DawgNation)

Brandon Adams: The games played in December and beyond

The “why” from “DawgNation Daily” here: “UGA doesn’t need to throw much to beat its overmatched SEC East competition, and therefore probably shouldn’t. However, big games against quality opponents require more from the passing game. That’s when Fromm and new offensive coordinator James Coley have to be at their best.”

James Coley and Jake Fromm. That combination at the wheel of Georgia’s passing game could very well lead to the following benchmarks: 3,000 yards, 30 TDs and a completion percentage of close to 70 percent in 2019. (Jeff Sentell/DawgNation)

Mike Griffith: My eyes

The “why” from “On The Beat” here: “Georgia figures to run more two-minute offense this season, Fromm is good at it, so there will be more plays.  In many games Georgia will be up big, and, like last year, Kirby will run the ball almost exclusively in those situations. That cancels out run-pass ratio as a good evaluation tool.”

Looking for more touches in the passing game? It would be a Smart pick to expect James Cook to pile up a lot of touches out of the backfield in 2019. (Jeff Sentell/DawgNation)

Connor Riley: Total receptions by Georgia’s leading receiver

The “why” from “Good Day UGA” here: “Georgia hasn’t had a receiver catch more than 50 passes in a season since the Mark Richt era. I know there’s concern about the depth at the position, but if Georgia is really airing it out more, Georgia will have at least one guy break that threshold for the first time in Smart’s time at Georgia.”

What does Kirby Smart want to see out of the offense in 2019? Will he give those young wideouts a chance to make plays, gain confidence and grow in the first two months of the season? Those are things to look for. (Jeff Sentell/DawgNation)

Jeff Sentell: The games played in December and beyond

The “Intel” here: “It isn’t a ratio, but a matter of how many times the Bulldogs throw the ball for more than 200 yards. I’d look to see a lot of 200-yard games through the air and on the ground in conference play. Fromm has averaged 27 TD passes per season so far at UGA. Can he get to 35 in 2019?”

Let’s not overdo things here. Run it up? Bring more “juice” with a quicker tempo? More SEC throwdowns? There’s really only one bottom line for this program in terms of throwing the ball more in 2019. (Jeff Sentell/DawgNation)

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