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Georgia football is still waiting for the 2020 season schedule to be announced.

What the other Power Five schedules tell us about what the SEC schedule might look like

The ACC, PAC-12 and Big Ten have all released their official schedules for the 2020 season. The SEC meanwhile is still waiting to officially announce what the 2020 season will look like for its conference members as it moves to a 10-game conference-only schedule.

The league has already announced some changes, such as an Aug. 17 start date for practice as well as the two additional opponents each team will play. For Georgia that will be Arkansas and Mississippi State.

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The season will also start on Sept. 26, later than the Big Ten and the ACC and the same Saturday as the PAC-12. The final week of the regular season is set for Dec. 5. The SEC championship game is set for Dec. 19.

But the start and end dates are only some of the many points of concern when it comes to building a schedule. When looking at some of the changes already made the other leagues have already had to make, it does paint a better picture of what the 2020 SEC football schedule might end up looking like.

How do the off weeks look?

The SEC and commissioner Greg Sankey have already stated what the off-weeks will look like for teams in the SEC. Every team will have the date of Dec. 12 off. This will allow for games that need to be postponed in the back-half of the season to be possibly moved to that date.

The league has also said that each team will have an off-week during a three-week stretch during the middle of the season. Don’t be surprised though if that off-week is actually filled by a game that was postponed from earlier. The PAC-12 earmarked the games that came before the mid-season off-week to be played during that off week if they needed to be made up.

The ACC gave each team two off-weeks while also having the league championship game on either Dec. 12 or Dec. 19 as a way to offer itself flexibility if it needs to be moved. The Big Ten offered itself a similar option, as teams have two off-weeks, along with every member having the week of Nov. 28 off. The league, like the ACC, has the option of playing its conference championship game on either Dec. 12 or Dec. 19. It is currently scheduled though for Dec. 5.

Georgia’s off-week traditionally has come prior to the Florida game.

Will previously scheduled games be moved around?

For Georgia in particular, we already know this will be the case as its game against Alabama was originally set for Sept. 19. The Bulldogs will also have to fill the dates of Sept. 26 and Nov. 28, as the Bulldogs were set to play non-conference foes during those weeks. There is also the Dec. 5 date that must be filled.

But what about games that were already on the schedule? Will Georgia and Florida still meet on Halloween? Will the Bulldogs play Tennessee the same weekend as the Masters?

If we look at both the Big Ten and ACC, then use some of the games that have been previously scheduled will need to be moved. The Big Ten moved up the Michigan-Ohio State game to Oct. 24, up from its original Nov. 28 date. And if the conference is willing to move that game, then everything should be on the table.

But one thing we do know is that teams that were already scheduled to play each other will still, in fact, do that. Georgia will still have to play Alabama, Auburn, Florida, Tennessee, South Carolina, Vanderbilt, Missouri, Tennessee and Kentucky to go along with Arkansas and Mississippi State.

One difference between what the SEC is doing with its schedule and the ACC’s is that the latter will not be using divisions, as the two best teams will play in the ACC championship game. The SEC, Big Ten and PAC-12 have all stuck with the divisions for the 2020 season. Look for the SEC, like other leagues have, to prioritize those in-division games to make sure they get played this season.

How will home and road games be balanced for this coming college football season?

With a 10-game conference schedule, each team will play five home games and five road games. Georgia previously had road games against Kentucky, Missouri, South Carolina and Alabama. The home games were against Auburn, Tennessee and Vanderbilt. Georgia is the home team against Florida this season, but that game will be played in Jacksonville, Fla., as of now.

The Bulldogs will visit Arkansas and then host Mississippi State. The SEC opted against going with the next two games in the SEC rotation, which for Georgia would’ve meant a home game against Arkansas and a road game against the Bulldogs. But for say Florida, that model would’ve meant adding Alabama and Texas A&M to schedule. That ended up not coming to fruition, as the Gators added Arkansas and Texas A&M to their schedule.

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