4-star DT Trevor Trout now sees Georgia as a ‘dominant’ team

Trevor Trout-UGA recruiting
4-star DT Trevor Trout rates as the nation's No. 16 DT prospect for 2018.

Want to attack every day with the latest Georgia football recruiting info? That’s what the Intel will bring at least five days a week. We take a good look at 4-star DT Trevor Trout today and see what kind of interest he has in the Georgia Bulldogs. 

Spoiler: UGA is definitely in the race. An official visit is planned, but the exact date has not been set. Trout brought up several talking points about what he likes about the Bulldogs. 

If the recruiting services handed out stars for being interesting, then Trevor Trout would definitely have himself five of those.

The 6-foot-3, 305-pound defensive tackle prospect from the St. Louis metro area aspires to do what Colin Cowherd does each day. He plans to study broadcasting in college but can already offer up a quality take for all types of sports media fodder. Trout’s room is also adorned with posters of his favorite wrestlers.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. Brett Michaels. Shawn Michaels. The Undertaker. John Cena. Triple H.

Trout answered a question about his go-to finishing move with zero hesitation.

“It would be your typical neck breaker or DDT,” he said. “If I just had to steal a move it would be ‘The Stunner.’ The ‘Stone Cold Stunner’ would be it.”

What’s the best thing to know about Trout?

That goes beyond his 4-star status and his current 247Sports composite ranking as the No. 16 DT in the nation for 2018. Trout has grown up in an area that is now known more for racial unrest than producing elite athletes. What he aspires to be beyond his surroundings will always stand out.

Trout is considering UGA as his potential college destination. He has the Bulldogs in his Top 6 and offered up several reasons why they could reach his Top 3 when he chops that list down even further.

His current plan is to not use an official visit to go see Missouri because of its proximity (about a 2-hour car trip). The remaining five options will net official visits. The Chaminade Prep standout has already taken one of those official visits to UCLA.

Trevor Trout wants to major in broadcast journalism in college. (Tom Hauck/Student Sports)

“I think I’m pretty neutral for the most part,” Trout said. “I am not going to truly know until I take all of my visits. So right now the top schools I have are the top schools that I have.”

The rundown: Alabama, Georgia, Miami, Missouri, UCLA and USC.

He has not set up his four remaining official visits. But he has a good reason for that.

“Playoff time in Missouri is coming up,” Trout said. “That’s all I am focused on. I will worry about visiting those schools after our season.”

Chaminade has a strong team.

“We have an offensive guard that is committed to Middle Tennessee,” he said. “We have a D-1 tailback that is trying to figure out where he wants to go to school and we have a couple of sophomores that are pretty good. Right now everything is on the up and up. … We have a quarterback that is going to be a Power 5 quarterback. We have a D-1 corner and a D-1 middle linebacker and they are all sophomores. They are all going to be pretty good when I head on.”

What does Trevor Trout like about Georgia? 

Trout minces no words about what he has seen from the Bulldogs.

“Georgia is dominant,” Trout said. “It is just them and Alabama in the SEC. Nobody else. Just them. The Bulldogs are physically imposing. Their defensive line likes to use their hands. They are really physical. Georgia has great quarterback play this year. The Bulldogs are really good. You can see on TV. They have a really good team.”

4-star DT Trevor Trout released his Top 6 with this clever edit produced by @bunterwagner. (Trevor Trout/Twitter)

He’s a fan of football, but not the broadcasts. So he checks out the games online on YouTube. That’s when they are cut up, minus all those commercials.

The next thing he said came in response to how he felt the Georgia defensive line was performing this season.

“It is more so that I am a fan of their defensive line coach,” Trout said. “That’s coach [Tray] Scott. The cool thing about him is that I have friends that he coached at Tennessee-Martin. I knew about him even before he got the job at Georgia. So that’s pretty cool, as well. I knew him before his name blew up before he got the big job.”

Trout has his own Intel from friends he trusts. They could tell him what Scott was like before he was working at the ACC and SEC programs on his resume.

“He was just a real legit coach,” Trout said. “He was a great guy who keeps it honest with you. This was before all this stuff. I know he’s now the defensive line coach at Georgia, but I can go off the good stuff I heard about him when he was at UT-Martin. So when you talk to him on the phone, you can feel it. You can feel why those guys said those things about him.”

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