Braxton Hicks: The uncommon yet fitting name of a future Georgia Bulldog

Braxton Hicks-Georgia recruiting-Georgia football
Braxton Hicks. He just might be the most appropriately named Bulldog in the 2020 recruiting class as a preferred walk-on.

Want to attack every day with the latest UGA football recruiting info? That’s what the Intel brings. This entry details a preferred walk-on to Georgia in the 2020 class. Braxton Hicks will have a name that mothers and fathers might know about, but maybe not recruiting fans. 

The mothers of DawgNation might have the best grasp of this story right from the start. Maybe those recent doting Dads will, too.

Or the fathers who paid close attention during their pregnancies.

Let’s begin by stating Braxton Hicks is a preferred walk-on for the 2020 class for Georgia. He hails from Rabun County. The 6-foot-2, 195-pound receiver was an All-State player this past season.

This is about the time where those DawgNation moms should say: Did I really just read Braxton Hicks? 

Hicks caught 183 passes for 3,490 yards and 46 touchdowns in his Rabun County career. Those big plays went for 19.1 yards per catch. He was also a standout defensive back for his Wildcats.

And his name really is Braxton Hicks.

That’s no typo. No play on words. His mother, DeAnna Hicks, politely assures DawgNation it was no ploy meant “to get everybody tickled” as she eloquently put it.

Rabun County coach Jaybo Shaw “gets tickled” when that subject of his name too. Most do.

“I didn’t know about it,” Shaw said. “I didn’t know about it until he was probably like a junior and I think the Fox 5 crew said something and I was like ‘what’ with that?”

Shaw’s reaction to that on-air quip was the common one.

“My wife had to tell me,” Shaw said.

Hicks first started raising eyebrows when he began to show up making big plays on local Atlanta sportscasts. DeAnna Hicks thinks Ken Rodriguez of Fox5 Atlanta was the first. It was after a big touchdown against White County.

“At that point Braxton thought his name was cool,” Wayne Hicks said. “Up to that point, he was like ‘Dad why did Mom name me this?’ with all of that. He thinks it is a fun name now because he has gotten a little popularity off of it.”

He gets it.

“I love it now,” Braxton Hicks said. “Whenever I get on their highlights they always have something fun or funny to say about my name.”

Pause button: What is all this Braxton Hicks stuff? 

Let’s take a step back by sharing a few quick definitions.

Miriam Webster dictionary: “Relatively painless nonrhythmic contractions of the uterus that occur during pregnancy with increasing frequency over time but are not associated with labor.”

Google search top result: “Braxton Hicks are when the womb contracts and relaxes. Sometimes they are known as false labor pains. Not all women will have Braxton Hicks contractions. If you do, you’ll usually feel them during the second or third trimester. Braxton Hicks are completely normal and many women experience them during pregnancy.”

DawgNation recruiting dictionary:  “The name given to a preferred walk-on receiver from Rabun County who averaged 11 touchdowns catches per season of his varsity career. Hicks also snagged five interceptions as a senior for a 12-1 state title contender. The name, although synonymous with expectant mothers, fits Hicks snug like his receiver gloves. That’s because he’s a fighter.”

Braxton Hicks. Wait until you read where he actually got that name from. (Jeff Sentell/DawgNation)

The real reason why Braxton Hicks fits a future Bulldog

His parents are not obstetricians. His mother is not a labor and delivery nurse. Or a comedian.

“The name Braxton itself means strong,” Braxton Hicks said.

He has fun with it.

“I love when I go meet folks and meet some moms,” he said. “They hear that and go ‘oh my gosh did you’ and then I tell them the story. I love it. I just think now that it is fun.”

Well, he doesn’t tell them the whole story.

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