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BREAKING: 5-star playmaker James Williams makes a heartfelt college commitment, shuts down his recruiting

James Williams committed to Miami once. When he did, he backed off that commitment and for the longest time, it seemed like he was trending to play for the Georgia Bulldogs.

That trend has been reversed and with what sounds like to be a certain degree of finality.

“I know my Momma proud of what her son becoming,” he wrote while tweeting out a renewed commitment to Miami.

Williams had recently dropped his contenders’ list down to a final two of Georgia and Miami. Previous to that, he had a final three of Alabama, Clemson and Georgia.

The loss is a very big blow to Georgia’s hopes of putting together a different type of defensive stopper into the defensive backfield. The 6-foot-5 Williams could literally do just about anything on a football field, including catch big fifty-fifty balls as a receiver on offense.

There is a lot of scouting opinions out there that equate the considerable potential here for Williams to a couple of strong NFL defensive playmakers in San Diego’s Derwin James and new Arizona Cardinals rookie Isaiah Simmons.

Check out his impressive junior film below.



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